Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Lucinda Gabriel, author of the new How to Talk to Angels.

So many people go through life feeling like they have to settle with what they have, feeling undeserving of better or not able to see their way to a better life. The Angels tell me we don’t get out of life what we deserve, but what we believe. The Angels tell me we are meant to live a healthy, joyous, and abundant life. Life wants to be good to us. Life loves us, but we have to believe it to see it.

The Angels tell me that most often, it is our lack of Faith in life, in ourselves, and in them that is keeping our goodness from us.

Let me give you a silly example. When I rented a new apartment last May, I bought a lot of things from the previous renter like the dishes, fridge, and stove, and even her bed. I had sold everything I owned a few years ago to follow the guidance of my Angels to move to Quebec City and this year, I had to repurchase a few things to furnish my apartment. Everything was wonderful except for the bed. A friend had told me that I should at least buy a new bed, but I couldn’t see how I could afford it. It took all I had in cash to furnish the apartment. So I slept in this soft bed for four months until one morning I woke up at 4am with the worst back pain. So I said to the Angels, “Ok guys, I can’t take it anymore! You have to help me find a new bed. I don’t know how you are going to do it, but I trust you have a way. Thank you for helping me get a new bed.”

I looked on Kijiji and even visited a lady who had mattress for sale. Her mattress was 18 inches thick, and I knew I would not even get it up the windy staircase to my apartment. So I went to visit my friend, and she suggested I go to the store to buy a new bed. “I don’t have money for a new bed,” I told her. “Then put it on payments,” she replied. I couldn’t believe they would give me a bed on payments because I was self-employed. But, I was desperate, and the worst they could say was no. So I went to the store and tried out different beds. There was this one perfectly comfortable bed. The salesman told me that I could make monthly installments of $60, so I told him I needed a little time to reflect. I lied down on the bed and spoke the Angels and asked their opinion. Sixty dollars may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but for me it was a lot at the time. As I lay there, a message came to me: “We told you a few weeks ago to cut your cable.”

I smiled as thought back to a few weeks earlier. I had received my cable and internet bill, and when I looked at the statement, I had received the message to cut my cable. I didn’t watch a lot of television and really it was a waste of money for me, but I was hesitant because my mother was supposed to visit and she enjoys watching her programs. I laughed as I realized that the Angels had this planned all along. So I got up from the bed and went to the counter and pulled out my credit card. To my amazement, in one quick swipe, I was approved for credit for my new bed.

Two days later, as I was getting ready to sleep in my new comfy bed, I realized that I had slept in a lumpy bed for four months because I lacked Faith. The Angels were ready to give me a new bed from the start but because I didn’t believe I could afford it, I did without. If I would have asked for a new bed from the beginning, believed that the Angels would help me find a way, I would have seen a way. Just the money I had spent on regular massages because of the uncomfortable mattress I slept on would have paid for a few monthly installments.

Lesson learned: When we believe it, we receive it. We have to believe it to see it.

Our thanks to Lucinda for her guest post! For more from Lucinda Gabriel, read her article “4 Simple Steps to Receiving Angelic Guidance.”

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