Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cyndi Dale, author of a number of books, including the new Llewellyn’s Little Book of Chakras and the new Subtle Energy Techniques.

We’re constantly looking for a better “quick fix.” Just the other day, my dogs were yapping at a squirrel that had run into the house just when the dishwasher started leaking soapy water and the doctor’s office I’d been trying to reach for a week (finally) called back. I needed a fix—quickly.

Based on the title of this piece, you can guess that I managed my way out of this predicament via my chakras. Chakras are subtle energy organs that transform subtle energy into physical energy and vice versa, energy being defined as “information that vibrates.” How could a chakra help me eliminate a squirrel problem, silence the dogs, and stop the dishwasher in time to reach the phone?

A little known fact about the chakras is that they can operate like an “on” switch. Every in-body chakra manages a specific set of physical, psychological, and spiritual functions. Every chakra is also associated with an auric field, which expresses that chakra’s energy. A message emanated through a chakra is sent to the world through its related field, which in turn, commands change in the environment.

Are you starting to see how a chakra might command a “quick fix?”

During my home crisis, I figured out which chakra could best serve my needs, shouted the “marching command” available through it, pictured its coloration, and the following activities occurred within a few moments, all because my first chakra governs physical activity:

  1. The squirrel spun around and dashed out the back door.
  2. The dogs rushed after the squirrel, into a fenced-in back yard.
  3. I slammed shut the door, thereby quieting the house.
  4. I accidentally pressed against the dishwasher apparatus, suspending the slopping of the soapy water.
  5. The phone rang six instead of its usual five rings and I answered.

Want to practice a chakra quick-fix on your own? Following is a list of the seven in-body chakras, their locations, colors, and marching orders. Shocked by an event and you can’t respond? Turn on your second chakra, see orange, and let your emotions flow. Teaching a class and you freeze? Internally focus on the fifth chakra command, and the color blue, and here come the words! For every need there’s a chakra to fill it.

Chakra Focus Point Color Marching Order
First Hips Red ACTION!
Second Abdomen Orange LET THE FEELINGS FLOW
Third Solar Plexus Yellow I NEED A GOOD THOUGHT
Fourth Heart Green HELP ME RELATE
Sixth Forehead Violet SHOW ME WHAT TO SEE
Seventh Top of Head White SPIRIT—HELP!

You might even want to print out this column, just to have it handy!

Our thanks to Cyndi for her guest post! For more from Cyndi Dale, read her article, “Twelve Ways Your Chakras Can Enhance Your Decisions.”

Written by Anna
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