Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Danielle Blackwood, author of the new Twelve Faces of the Goddess.

On May 15th, the Moon waxes new in the sign of Taurus. Although the Moon goes through all twelve signs each year, this particular Taurus New Moon is particularly potent, as just hours after the liminal moment of the New Moon (4:48 am PT, 7:48 am ET,) Uranus finally leaves AriesParadigm Shift: Five Practical Ways to Cultivate the Sacred Feminine as Uranus Enters Taurus“). This New Moon is doubly infused by the awakening, revolutionary energy of Uranus, as Mars enters the Uranus-associated sign of Aquarius the same day. Uranus/Aquarius is the Truthteller. The Changemaker. It is visionary, radical, progressive, and humanitarian, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Its influence brings new ideas and needed change to the collective.

Taurus, on the other hand, is a very different archetype. Taurus tends to resist change. It wants to go slow, put down roots, and find its place under the sun, so it can blossom, and with patience bear fruit. Taurus is connected to tradition, the body, old world wisdom, resources, and sacred sensuality. It embraces hedonistic pleasure and the voluptuous enjoyment of earthly delights. This New Moon invites us to remember that we are embodied beings on the earthly plane. It asks us where we can best focus our intention toward cultivating, building, and manifesting something of true worth in our lives. It suggests ways we can take practical steps towards healing and building solid self worth. Every New Moon is an opportunity to plant seeds that we will nourish and bring to fruition over the next six months. It is a time to hit reset, and to begin anew in a particular area of our lives. To find out the life area that points to the most productive place to plant those seeds of intent for this New Moon, look to your chart to see what house contains 24 degrees of Taurus.

Taurus goddesses to tune in with for insight and support at this time include: Aphrodite Pandemos, Venus, Branwen, Gaia, Lakshmi, Flora, Hathor, and Annapurna.

For more ideas on working with Taurus on this New Moon, as well as all the other signs from a sacred feminine perspective, check out my book, Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine.

Meditations/Journal Prompts for this New Moon in Taurus:

  • How can you implement powerful yet lasting change, mindfully, steadily, and with grace?
  • Where do you need to slow down, and remember to put one foot in front of the other?
  • Taurus is connected to the concept of right livelihood. Are you working in a way that makes sense to you from this perspective? What would you do differently if you knew you would thrive?
  • If you don’t feel that you are being paid fairly for the work you do, is it time to cultivate more self worth? Are you valuing yourself enough?
  • What are three ways you can bring more pleasure into your life in the next month? The next six months?
  • How can you bring creativity into your life in a practical hands-on way?
  • What does it look like when you feel calm and grounded? Where’s your happy place?

Our thanks to Danielle for her guest post! For more from Danielle Blackwood, read her article “Paradigm Shift: Five Practical Ways to Cultivate the Sacred Feminine as Uranus Enters Taurus.”

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