Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cyndi Dale, author of a number of books, including the new Energy Wellness for Your Pet.

We love our pets. They love us. They are more than simply “pets,” however—they are our teachers.

Are we open to what they have to share?

According to many Creation stories, including those of the Hopi and the Creek Indians, the natural species preceded the human. Animals, reptiles, fish, and the like were replete with knowledge and wisdom bestowed by the Creator. We came along. Relatively defenseless and not terribly dialed in, we required their instruction.

Instead of being grateful for the amazing mentorship, we let evil enter our hearts, subsequently turning against the natural world. Our species became responsible for the violence and destruction currently running rampant. Our first teachers, however, are still reaching out, ready to bring us back into our birthright, which is to know ourselves as children of the light.

Our pets are those teachers, which means that your individual pet brings specific gifts to you.

What schoolings are your pet carrying?

In my book Energy Wellness for Your Pet, I explore how you can assist your pet with subtle energy concepts and techniques. But I also show how to receive your pet’s blessings. Part of your pet’s offering depends on its type. The following are the general teachings provided by a pet, according to animal type:

Mammals: Tribal bonding, love
Rodents: Details, focus
Birds: Freedom, transcendence
Reptiles: Survival, transformation
Arthropods: Destiny, owning dreams and desires
Amphibians: Flow, groundedness
Aquatics: Inspiration, luck

Besides these generic blessings, your individual pet will present specific contributions, often illuminated by its personality. For instance, your dog’s hyperactivity might mirror your own overly-busy traits. In learning how to calm your dog, you learn how to soothe yourself, too. Maybe your cat doesn’t know how to play. While passing out catnip, you also loosen up.

How can you figure out the wisdom granted by your pet? Examine the gifts associated with their type and reflect on how you might benefit by embracing those qualities. Then take out a paper and pencil and write down the ways your pet has taught you about love, connection, and goodness.

Just think. Once upon a time, natural beings were our teachers. How wonderful, to be coached again, in your own home.

Our thanks to Cyndi for her guest post! For more from Cyndi Dale, read her article, “Three Ways to Heal Your Pet Using Energy Techniques.”

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