Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melissa Tipton, author of Living Reiki and the new Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Reiki.

Melissa TiptonReiki has the power to initiate deep healing and help us enjoy vibrant physical wellbeing. Here are three ways to partner with Reiki throughout the day to unlock your best and brightest self.

  1. Step Through a Veil of Power
    How we start the day sets the energetic tone for everything that follows, so to ensure that you’re waking up on the right side of the bed, try this simple-yet-potent technique. Before you get up, take in three deep, rich breaths, centering and focusing your energy. Imagine a shimmering, golden veil or curtain of energy taking shape beside your bed. You can give the energy an added boost by tracing a large Reiki symbol of your choice (Symbol One, also known as Choku Rei or the Power Symbol, is a good option) onto the veil with your fingertip. Focus on the energetic power of the curtain, pulsating with light and color, intending that, as you pass through it, all that no longer serves your highest good will be purified, and you will be filled with strength and healing energy. When the veil seems to reach a peak of energetic vibrancy, step through, and let the energy wash over and through you, fully and completely. Once on the other side, snap your fingers to dismantle the veil, and start your day with power and purpose!
  2. Supercharge Your Food
    In the midst of a busy day, it’s all too easy to treat meals as one more thing to check off the to-do list so we can move on to the next task. Today, take a few moments before consuming any food, drink or supplement to tune into Reiki with this short-and-sweet process. Hold the food in your hands or hover your palms above it, and say to yourself, “I call on the power of Reiki to activate the healing energies in this [food/drink/supplement]. I gratefully receive these energies and allow myself to experience health on all levels. Thank you.” Enjoy your meal or snack, spending at least a few moments appreciating the life-giving energy it contains, as well as your body’s wondrous ability to receive and utilize this energy.
  3. Release an Unhealthy Habit
    Our health-boosting efforts will be greatly magnified if we tend not only to the positive habits we wish to build, but also the unhealthy habits that serve to drain our life force and leave us feeling scattered and ineffective. Identify a habit you wish to release, and choose a crystal or piece of jewelry to carry with you throughout your day. Hold it in both hands and allow Reiki to flow, stating the following, “I ask Reiki for support in releasing [state the habit]. This [crystal/necklace/etc.] aligns me with my commitment to release this habit.” Allow Reiki to continue filling the item until the process feels complete, then use it throughout the day (wear or touch it, place it somewhere visible, etc) to stay aligned with your commitment and the energetic support of Reiki.

    Our thanks to Melissa for her guest post! For more from Melissa Tipton, read her article, “3 Powerful Ways to Ignite Your Intuition with Reiki.”

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