Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Michael Smith, author of Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature’s Most Powerful Number.

Numerology and Time

I’m the author of Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature’s Most Powerful Number. This poem uses the metaphor of a voyage at sea to explain the base-12 numerology cycle, perhaps a comforting message for how adrift we all feel lately.

0: The voyage of Numerology begins at the zero of potential
Where any forecast is possible from clear to torrential.
Thus how hopeful or fearful your departure to sea
Is how fair or foul the weather likely will be.

1:Upon leaving safe port you embody the one,
Of new beginnings and independence, a most solitary run.
Like a single sailed vessel’s strong oaken mast,
Resilient and tall must one stand fast.

2: The two of duality is the test you next face,
Of choosing the best course of both direction and pace.
On dawn to dusk vigil should red skies appear
For sailor’s insight of what conditions draw near.

3: From the contrast of two springs the catalyst of three.
Are you victim or victor, helpless or free?
So when facing the unexpected and blown far off course
Be not defeated but empowered by its influential force.

4: From the chaos of three you seek the stability of four,
Taking shelter below deck as the tempest seas roar.
Hoping this too shall pass and calm waters return,
Praying for safe passage—port, starboard, bow, stern.

5: Eventually restless for change you yearn for the five
For when exploring the unknown you feel most alive.
Bravely chasing the horizon with no land in sight,
Guided only by sun of the day and stars of the night.

6: The crew’s hearts beat together at the six of love,
Discovering strength from within, each other and above.
Working faithfully as one and relying on each role,
A ship is its crew and its crew is its soul.

7: Enlightened by love we seek the truth of the seven,
Of discernment and learning here on earth as in heaven.
From Captain to Chief mate and Boatswain to Deck,
Knowledge isn’t rank but what is earned through respect.

8: The knowing seven enables the manifestation of eight,
Applying competence and skill to build and create
A bountiful voyage and abundance for all
Where sharing means everything, greed nothing at all.

9: Through perseverance we arrive at the completion of nine
Reaching shore at long last, the end of the line.
Saluting both crew and vessel with gratitude and grace,
Our true achievement the trials and tribulations we faced.

10: Reflecting on our voyage now done is the ten of awareness,
Of seeing with greater clarity, perspective and fairness.
Realizing the journey itself is what broadened our view,
The destination a mere illusion to help keep heading true.

11:Finally, the ten’s pensive gaze catches the eleven’s illumination,
Where truth shines through brightly in sudden revelation.
Seeing our own reflection back in breaking waves which unfold
Is how the sea’s lessons are fathomed and her stories retold.

0: Docked at the zero of potential you chart a journey anew,
A little more weathered, wiser and enlightened too.
Assembling your well rested, eager and capable crew,
First aboard is the Captain and the Captain is you.

To learn more about deciphering the numbers that show up in your life, look up my book: Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature’s Most Powerful Number.

Our Thanks to Michael for his guest post! For more from Michael Smith, read his article, “How Base-12 Numerology Unlocks the Universal Wisdom of Twelve.”

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