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Good Juju Najah Lightfoot’s award-winning Good Juju helps you learn to better express your spirituality and build up your magical practice with this book’s powerful spells, rituals, and tools. Designed to help you navigate whatever ups and downs life throws your way, Good Juju is your perfect choice for learning to embrace nature, the old ways, and the magick all around you. Bonus: Did you miss Najah’s amazing LlewellynCon presentation? Watch the recording here!
Water Magic The first book in our new Elements of Witchcraft series, Water Magick reveals the amazing possibilities of using water in your modern practice. Lilith Dorsey presents many ways to incorporate water into your magic, from washes and baths to spells and rituals. Discover how to use the symbols of water in your magical workings. Learn the histories and wisdom of rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as water’s relationship to the wheel of the year. Explore water and its manifestations in mythology and lore and meet the gods and goddesses who rule over the element. Bonus: Did you miss Lilith’s wonderful LlewellynCon presentation? You can watch the recording here!
365 Days of Hoodoo 365 Days of Hoodoo starts by providing the basics of Hoodoo, and then gradually builds your knowledge day after day. You’ll discover the essential components for your practice, how to master the parts of your life that seem out of control, and the various ways Hoodoo can improve love, prosperity, protection, and much more. This impressive book also features lore, prayers, potions, altars, baths, and meditations. View all of Stephanie’s award-winning books here.
Babalawo Hidden within the mysterious Afro-Cuban religion of Santería, also known as Lucumí, there is a deep body of secrets and rituals called Ifá. This book pulls away the veil of secrecy to reveal exactly what Ifá is and how it works, exploring its history, cosmology, Orichas, initiations, mythology, offerings, and sacrifices. Join Frank Baba Eyiogbe in this fascinating introduction that discusses the functions of the babalawo, the role of women, the future of Ifá, and much more. Author Frank Baba Eyiogbe has been practicing Santeria for over twenty-seven years: twenty-three years as a santero (Orisha priest) and eighteen years as a babalawo (initiated in Cuba). Frank has achieved the highest level of babalawo, “Olofista.”
The Goddess Guide Easy to use and comprehensive, this essential book provides instant, at-a-glance info on more than 400 goddesses from diverse cultures, belief systems, and traditions around the world. Author Priestess Brandi Auset is a High Priestess of the Goddess, interfaith minister, and Reiki Master teacher. She has taught private workshops on helping women develop a spiritual practice and currently works as a spiritual counselor and tarot reader.
Yoga Rising Courage, truth, and inspiration meet at the intersection of spiritual practice and social justice. Yoga Rising is a collection of personal essays meant to support your journey toward self-acceptance and self-love. This follow-up to the groundbreaking book Yoga and Body Image features 30 contributors, including Pia Guerrero, Jessamyn Stanley, Lakshmi Nair, Dr. Sabrina Springs, Chanelle John (whose chapter, “So We Can Breathe,” explores the protests for justice for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice), Dana A. Smith, Pranidhi Varshney, Zubin Shroff, and Dr. Gail Parker, who share stories of major turning points. Explore how body image and yoga intersect with race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, dis/ability, socioeconomic status, age, and size as part and parcel of culture and society.
Meditation with Intention With just five minutes of meditation a day, you can achieve a more focused, balanced, and peaceful life. Join wellness consultant Anusha Wijeyakumar as she shares the transformative meditation program that she developed for California’s world-famous Hoag Hospital. You will discover the vital intentions and five-minute meditations designed for heart opening, chakra balancing, trusting your inner truth, embodying courage and strength, and more. These meditations and pranayama-breathwork exercises will help you create more joy and peace in your life while learning to control negative internal chatter. Raised in the philosophy of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) on her way to becoming a clinician and teacher, Anusha expertly helps you integrate ancient Eastern wisdom into your modern Western lifestyle for a deeper sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and self-love.
Elements of Magic Gede Parma (Fio Aengus) is a Balinese-Australian witch, international teacher, magical mentor, author, and initiate. Gede (they/them pronouns) cherishes the initiatory mysteries of four powerful witchcraft traditions, and is a co-founder of the Coven of the Wildwood and midwife and initiate of the Wildwood Tradition. They are also an active initiate of Reclaiming and Anderson Feri. Gede has authored or coauthored five books.
Santeria Santeria: The Religion is an informative and insightful examination of an African religion’s survival in the New World. No one could write this book better than Migene Gonzalez-Wippler. Combining her informed study as an anthropologist and personal experience as a Santerian initiate results in a thrilling book that reveals some of Santeria’s most spellbinding elements. You can view all of Migene’s books here.
Knowing the Orisha Gods & Goddesses This beautifully illustrated exploration of Afro-Brazilian spirituality introduces you to the gods of the African diaspora known as the Orishas. Presented in a fun and easy-to-understand format, Knowing the Orishas provides brief descriptions of twenty important deities, highlighting their talents, characteristics, and customs as well as where they live, how they dress, the foods they like to eat, and more. Author Waldete Tristão has a doctorate degree in education. She is a consultant in projects related to ethnic-racial relations and childhood, and she participates in Ilu Oba de Min, an education and black art culture group. Illustrator Caco Bressane runs his own graphic design and illustration studio. His illustrations appear in major publications around the world.
Elemental Shamanism This fascinating true story chronicles one man’s journey into the mysteries of spiritual consciousness and the indigenous healing practices of four shamanistic traditions: Toltec, Cherokee, Maya, and Buddhist. Omar W. Rosales is a world traveler who writes extensively on the topic of archaeology, culture, and spiritual matters. He holds degrees in anthropology, economics, and law.
CBD Skincare Solution Enjoy healthier and more beautiful skin with this book’s innovative approach to using cannabidiol, or CBD oil, for improved wellness. An accomplished doctor who has years of experience with CBD oil, Dr. Manisha Singal presents a comprehensive explanation of what it is and isn’t, where it comes from, and how it works. The CBD Skincare Solution provides the tools you need to fight any skin condition and give your skin a radiant glow.
Fierce Woman This sacred and galvanizing book is a thunderous call to action for you, and for women all over the world, to awaken the goddess within. Through deep wisdom, engaging exercises, and empowering insights and affirmations, Fierce Woman shows you how to make profound shifts in your life. You are powerful and worthy. You are destined to rip off the false mask of societal expectations and fully occupy the space and body you’re in. Rhoda Shapiro guides you through a unique exploration of wild feminine power and the ways in which it can heal, uplift, and energize the planet. Now is the time to rise up and live your truth, to reclaim ownership of your voice and body.
Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck Rassouli is an Iranian-born American artist inspired and encouraged by his Sufi mystic uncle. At the age of fifteen, he won the title of “best student artist in Iran” and was awarded a government grant to study painting in Europe. He frequently partners with Kelly Sullivan Walden and Alana Fairchild to provide art for their decks and books. You can view all of his books and decks here.
StrixCraft Bring the magic of ancient Greece into the modern world with this powerful book full of Strix, Hellenic Polytheist, and Iatromantis practices. Featuring wisdom that used to be only available to scholars, Strix Craft presents Greek magic in a concise format with contemporary ideas and hands-on practices.
Demystifying the OBE Master the skills of leaving the body using logic and reason. Improve self-understanding and achieve personal growth with over a dozen exit techniques. With well-ordered, rational explanations, Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience describes how and why OBEs work. This is a groundbreaking guide for using OBEs to understand your place in the worlds that exist beyond our daily lives.
Wisdom of the Natural World BOLO for this new title in March 2021! Wisdom of the Natural World, by Granddaughter Crow (a member of the Najavo Nation) offers practical exercises, meditations, and new perspectives on improving your relationships, career, and health. Explore how the seasons and weather cycles affect your four bodies—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Discover how to create your own medicine wheel and work with your shadow side. This phenomenal book is your key to communicating with nature and feeling like you belong.
Morbid Magic Written with a mix of reverence, approachability, and deadpan wit by a funeral industry insider, Morbid Magic is the first multi-cultural guide to death spirituality and traditions from all over the world and from different historical eras. Tomás Prower presents an impressive array of topics, including each culture’s views on the hereafter, mourning periods, the deceased’s legacy, handling of remains, and more. Tomás Prower is also the author of La Santa Muerte (available in both English and Spanish) and Queer Magic. View all of his books here.
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