Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Shannon Yrizarry, author of the new Psychic Yoga.

Shannon YrizarryWhen I began attending kundalini classes in Los Angeles, my intuition increased dramatically. In this type of yogic practice, breathing is one of the main focal points. At first, I found it difficult, but then found it quickly became easier and I felt a remarkable sense of connection with energy like never before.

I would frequently speak with other students that had similar experiences of heightened psychic abilities since beginning their practice. As I grew to understand the nuts and bolts that made breathwork such a handy tool for intuition development, it became one of my favorite daily tools to use as a professional clairvoyant, tarot reader, and Reiki practitioner.

Why Our Prana Is Lower Than Ever Before
Let’s talk about ions. We house both positive and negative ions in our energy field. Nature helps us balance the onslaught of positive ions that come from technology. When we have too many positive ions, we feel depressed, lethargic, and anxious—none of which increase intuition or make it easy to maintain a high vibrational state that activates the upper chakras where intuition is accessed.

Thus the technology age is taxing our nervous system with positive ions and draining our prana. To regain our prana (also called life force energy or chi/qi) we can simply do daily breathwork to amp up our wattage. You wouldn’t try to run a blender without plugging it into an electrical socket; similarly, we are trying to run without enough energy.

Quick Technique to Aid Psychic Development
Breath of fire is barely used in Western yoga, and it’s one of the fastest ways to develop intuition. Here is why: it clears your subconscious, which is stored in your energy field, so that you become “clear” (also known as clairvoyance).

Breath of fire is done through the nose. You will sit with a straight spine in a cross-legged position. You simply snap your belly in as you quickly push air out of your nose and then let your inhale happen naturally as the stomach relaxes.

Create a rhythm and breathe for just one minute to start. After, notice how “tuned-in” you feel. Each week increase the time you do the technique each day and it will become easier and more effective. Work up to 10 or 30 minutes.

Concluding Thoughts
Prana enters the body through the breath, fills the nervous system and aura, and clears negative vibrations. As you breathe, you’re raising your vibration so you can access the third eye chakra, where you can see beyond time and space, and the crown chakra, where spirit communicates.

As you do daily breathwork, you will create an alchemical (involving a seemingly magical process of transformation) reaction in your body, which detoxifies your blood, organs, and mind. This can be enough to trigger your body to avoid certain foods or in the change process, you may find you have strong energetic sensations, sensitivities, and epiphanies.

As you develop your intuition, you can find much advice on what is happening and how to manage the process in my book Psychic Yoga. The book also contains 100 plus other breathing exercises, poses, meditations, and explanations of the nuts and bolts of intuition development.

Our thanks to Shannon for her guest post! For more from Shannon Yrizarry, read her article “8 Yoga Secrets for Psychic Power.”

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