Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tanya Carroll Richardson, author of Angel Insights, Angel Intuition, and the new Are You An Earth Angel?.

One of the most interesting aspects of traditional book publishing is the long lead time—a writer and editor might come up with the idea for a book and excitedly begin working on it years before the official pub date. That was the case with my new book, Are You An Earth Angel?, which will be published on June 8, 2020. Yet I began working on this book with the editors at Llewellyn in November of 2018! A writer expects nothing less than magic when collaborating with Llewellyn, and this book about sensitive, compassionate people who love to give and be of service to others seems to have been magically born into the world at a time when it’s needed most.

Earth angels are not only very sensitive to the energy and emotions of others, they feel happiest and most on purpose when they are helping to alleviate the suffering of others. If you’re an earth angel with a mission similar to that of divine angels—supporting humans, spreading hope, acting mercifully—you are getting plenty of chances right now to live your earth angel mission. It might be as a first responder in a hospital, as an essential worker in a grocery store, as a counselor or healer working with clients remotely, as a friend or family member supporting loved ones emotionally, as a parent keeping children busy and entertained, or simply as someone spreading a little kindness and generosity when interacting with a stranger in person or on social media. It’s also an ideal time to learn about the special self-care techniques and boundaries earth angels need so they don’t go into earth angel burnout.

If you’re curious about earth angels, know that you don’t have to change your job or move cities or even change your meditation style to align more with your inner earth angel. It’s simply a way you move through the world and a special intention you bring to anything you do. Nonjudgmental, naturally optimistic earth angels often delight in the smaller moments in life and find great meaning in them. I hope discovering this book, Are You An Earth Angel?, is one of those moments for you.

Our thanks to Tanya for her guest post! For more from Tanya Carroll Richardson, read her article, “10 Self-Care Practices for Earth Angels.”

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