Here in the northern hemisphere, Beltane, is almost upon us, but for our southern hemisphere friends, it is time for samhain. To help you celebrate, we’ve rounded up our best rituals, spells, books, and more!


Candles for Nights of Halloween Magic: Novelty candles make fun and festive decorations. As figural candles (such as black cats, red devils, skulls, and the like) are also used in American folk magic, the availability of Halloween candles suggests many possibilities for imaginative spell working. The following are some magical suggestions for Halloween candles.



Dark Pumpkins and Fall

A Dark Moon Ritual for Fall: The new moon is a time when many say that magic and meditative activity should be forgone. Instead, bravely travel inward and find what the darkness is hiding from you. Revel in this harvest season and commune with the darkness.


Spells for Halloween Hocus Pocus: This Halloween why not keep things simple? For your celebrations, consider the seasonal trimmings that are to be found within nature’s bounty. Use earthy accessories for these spells from author Ellen Dugan.


Witchy Items on Altar

Appreciating Samhain as a Family: In some ways Samhain is the easiest Pagan holiday to celebrate publicly, because many of its symbols and practices have been embraced by secular culture. But, how do we explain the ideas and metaphors behind our celebrations to our children? Clea Danaan explains.

Cauldron on a Table

Halloween Cauldron of Abundance Ritual: The Halloween season is a good time to invoke and celebrate abundance, because at this time of year, the fruits of the harvest and the beauties of the world in autumn are truly golden. Perform this Halloween Cauldron of Abundance ritual.


Mabon Spells: Browse our spells to find your perfect Samhain ritual or incantation.


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