Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cyndi Dale, author of a number of books, including the new Advanced Chakra Healing.

When my oldest son was young, he made a very interesting announcement.

“Mom, I’ve decided what’s amiss with the world.”

Like, “What is wrong with people?”

“So, what’s amiss?” I politely responded.

“People just don’t know the difference between what’s real and not. Like, when someone is crying on television, it’s fake and you can ignore it. But when they do it in front of you, you should help.”

In my most recent book, Advanced Chakra Healing: Four Pathways to Energetic Wellness and Transformation, I examine the topic of what is truly “real” or not by first complicating the matter. As the book explains, we actively exist on four different levels of reality, each of which intersect and are constantly available.

The elemental pathway is the everyday, constructed from the building blocks of materiality. The power pathway is almost barren, save forces of energy that can be steered to create instantaneous and exponential shifts.

Want to indulge your inner mystic? On the imaginal plane, you simply transfer energies between otherworldly dimensions. Then there is the beautiful and always-present divine pathway, where negativity disappears when unmet needs are met.

The beauty of embracing this multi-level illustration of the world is that when we want to alter our current circumstances, we have choices. Is a child hungry? Stick with the elemental and make a sandwich. Is there a tumor you want to shrink? Move around a few power pathway forces and get that started.

Has a deep desire been unattainable? Call it into physicality from an imaginal pocket in another universe. But always…always…invoke what is available on the divine pathway.


How are we going to figure out which pathway to access?


How are we going to distinguish between what we need to face down, surrender to, deal with, make happen, or treat like it’s just figments of the imagination on television?


Love is the law of not only the divine pathway, but them all. Love will tell you when to hug, embody power, play with magic, or dive deeper. And honestly, that’s what my son had already figured out, so long ago. Love not only decides what is real, but what makes us real.

Our thanks to Cyndi for her guest post! For more from Cyndi Dale, read her article, “The Penultimate Personality Exercise: Four Views of Your True Self.”

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