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Brilliant Creativity: Creative Types by Sun Sign


Not just a brilliant source of light and life, the Sun is a powerful planet that influences our daily lives. Illuminating, inspiring, and enlightening, it influences creativity and artistic achievement.

The wheel of the zodiac has twelve houses, and each one represents a different Sun sign; each sign and house represents a different creative type and a distinct artistic personality. Every sign has its own style, focus, and inclination, and people are drawn to different tools, techniques, and materials, depending on their Sun sign.

While the Sun sign under which we were born shapes our creativity, our creative energy is also influenced by the Sun as it transits the zodiac. As the Sun travels through the zodiac, it illuminates the focus of each house. You can learn more about both of these, and let your inner artist shine brilliantly.

Because the Sun is the gravitational center of our planetary system, it’s considered to be the center of the astrological chart, central to personality, individuation, and creativity. The Sun sign is what most popular media horoscope columns are based on. The Sun sign governs identity, ego, ambitions, and perspective on life.

It is considered the most important sign in your astrological chart, and the most influential upon character, personality, and lifestyle. The Sun represents inner direction and drive; it influences personal value systems, self-image, and pride.

The Sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of birth and represents the shining destiny that awaits in this life. Urging us to dive deeply into life, the Sun sign points toward creative energies, intuitive interests, and skills meant to further the life-journey. Whereas the Sun is the universal source of light, heat, and life force, the Sun sign is the source of personal creativity; it is where we shine.

While much is written about Sun-sign attributes, a quick and dirty condensed version follows to help you understand more about Sun sign traits as they apply to the creative realm.

This general information is meant to inform and entertain. For precise astrological information and charting, schedule a visit with a knowledgeable astrologer.

Sun in Aries
Aries artists are assertive and have no problem individuating. They are optimistic, hopeful, and filled with perseverance. Creatively, an Aries should follow his or her own individual vision, avoid mass market reproduction, and allow their personality to emerge through their creativity. Aries artists tend to be avant-garde visionaries, pushing the boundaries of original art and inventing new, synthesized art forms. Considered to be active, lucky, resourceful, and sometimes selfish, the Aries artist is bent on success and will competitively strive to be the best and to be highly visible.

Sun in Taurus
Sun in Taurus people don't care about the status quo. They are more concerned about quality than quantity, and they value fine art. As a creative, the Sun in Taurus artist needs quiet time to devote to their art forms. A tendency to seek perfection can sometimes be a distraction. The creative style of Taurus tends toward the classics, and you will often find wonderful nudes, still lifes, and realism produced by them. Taurus types are characterized as practical, keen, changeable, and well grounded. They will experiment with different materials until they find the perfect new composite to complete the task at hand.

Sun in Gemini
Sun in Gemini people have the Twins as their glyph. They are often blessed with two personalities, two lives, or two lifestyles. A Gemini who easily moves between their day job and their artistic endeavors can be a well-funded artist who uses creativity to balance out his or her intellectual and other life endeavors. A Gemini who doesn’t find life balance can be scattered and filled with conflicting ideas and energies. When Geminis can fully engage their duel selves, they are strong, thoughtful, and very productive. Geminis can also undertake the business of art, easily producing and selling what they produce. Gemini artists are informed thinkers, adaptive, flexible, and highly communicative.

Sun in Cancer
Sun in Cancer folks are characterized as emotionally nurturing people, who tend to identify with their feelings and intuitions. As creatives, they are adept at putting emotion and intuition into words or images. They engage their audiences by depicting common, highly charged, emotional experiences accurately and with enormous impact. Cancers nourish their creativity by protecting themselves in a safe and secure studio space, and by allowing themselves to heal past trauma through communication. In so doing, Cancer artists nourish and heal through their art. Characterized as knowledgeable, emotional, and persevering, Cancer artists are great business people, too.

Sun in Leo
Sun in Leo people love the limelight and shine brightly with public attention. The Leo artist is highly adept at performance art, music, stand-up comedy, and other stage-based forms of expression. Feeding off of the audience's response, Leos improvise and augment their work while performing, letting the art form grow and take shape in front of the audience. A happy Leo is an artistic Leo. The expression of self, publicly exhibited, helps Leo make peace with their "animal" nature. Affirmative and encouraging responses fuel the Leo artist. The energetic and proud Leo is a team player who will take on a task and complete it thoroughly. They love to show off what they have created or accomplished.

Sun in Virgo
Sun in Virgo artists have a strong sense of self and a rich inner life. It is easy for Virgo to individuate and form unique personalities. They are comfortable with themselves, but often have difficulty in the outward expression of their individual beliefs and vision. It's hard for Virgo to take credit for what they have done, and it's difficult for them to take center stage and be seen. Virgo artists might find success in ghost writing, making high-quality reproductions, or working as a part of a collaborative team. Virgo is characterized as clever, sometimes deceptive, and a great mediator in a conflict.

Sun in Libra
Sun in Librafolks have style! They like balance and often incorporate symmetry into their art form. The physical balance of material and objects in many three-dimensional forms feels right to them, so they are often drawn to pottery and ceramics, wood turning, sculpture, and metal work to fulfill their real-world need for balance. Because they value fairness, Libras are sought-after collaborators, or collective/coop members, who encourage great contributions from all involved in community-based projects. They are also resourceful, steady, and filled with ideals.

Sun in Scorpio
The emotions of Sun in Scorpio folks run deep, and those emotions are often best expressed artistically. Enjoying quiet, solitary work, Scorpios tend to be obscure and anonymous, preferring to let outgoing people market their emotionally compelling art. Challenged to express deep emotions, Scorpio artists struggle to let their feelings pour out on the page, paper, or canvas. Uncomfortable with public scrutiny, they don't like to hold center stage or perform their work out in the open. Find them a nice, quiet, private spot to work, though, and Scorpios will produce unique, emotionally charged images that shock and engage the viewer.

Sun in Sagittarius
Sun in Sagittarius people are highly visible and they enjoy public attention, but their creative energy may become scattered by it. Sagittarians are thinkers with wild-animal instincts. Their vibrant and primal energy is often expressed through abstract art, vivid colors, and strong imagery. They can also be highly focused, task-oriented, and productive. They are natural leaders and work well with groups, especially when they are in charge.

Sun in Capricorn Sun in Capricorn folks crave public recognition, and often become reliant on outside affirmation in order to feel good. This sometimes puts them off balance and out of sorts. Because recognition is necessary for Capricorn to individuate, they are often late in developing their artistic selves. Usually a mature artist, Capricorn blossoms creatively once their need for outside affirmation is met. With a bit of recognition, Capricorns go on to produce great volumes of wonderful, expressive art.

Sun in Aquarius
Sun in Aquarius artists often believe that the group or collective is more important than the individual. This can mean that Aquarians are unable to produce much until they are connected to a supportive, creative community that nurtures their artistic development. Known as creative geniuses, Aquarians tend to be intellectuals who enjoy the collaborative exchange of ideas. They thrive in artists' co-ops and collectively operated studios, where the energy of the community propels them to produce prolifically. Aquarians are often stubborn, reactive, and inquisitive.

Sun in Pisces
Sun in Pisces is known for their strong imagination that, when channeled into art, produces creative mastery, unique vision, and style. Sometimes considered to be the voice of the people, Pisces artists can depict the vision of an era, the personality of a group, or the energy of a movement. Drawn to populist art, Pisces artists might be poster makers, or undertake large public installations that will affect the multitudes. Pisces is characterized as generous, capable, and committed, but sometimes they are prone to isolation.

Transiting the Houses
Each house in an astrological chart is associated with specific themes and influences. Because a full Sun cycle is one year long, the Sun’s transit through each house of the chart is approximately one month long. While the energy of the Sun is within a house, its bright, illuminating effect can be felt on the affairs of that house.

Knowing the themes, we can better understand the influence of the Sun, and be better able to utilize and capitalize on its energy. The following information is general. For more detailed information, you should consult a professional astrologer.

Sun in the First House
When the Sun returns to the sign in which we were born, the Sun said to be in the first house of your solar return chart. It is a time of rebirth and renewal, when energy will be focused on identity, appearance, and self-expression. It is a time of brilliant creativity. It is a time to put the past behind, start anew, and dazzle everyone with your individualistic artistry. With the Sun shining, enjoy the spotlight of center stage and pour radiant energy into creative work.

Sun in the Second House
Sun in the second house shifts the focus to materialism and comfort. Security is important right now, so attention is best focused on studio space, artistic tools, and materials. Purchase what is needed to feel secure and comfortable, invest in what you most value. With a focus on possessions, it is prudent to also pay attention to savings and planning for the future. Even artists have to take care of themselves.

Sun in the Third House
Sun in the third house brings illumination to communications, making connections, and socializing. Make time to reconnect with friends, devoting time and attention to them. Go out and enjoy life and conversations, letting the images and overheard words inspire creative work. The third house governs relatives, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, so look to them for inspiration, enjoying adventures close to home. Express feelings clearly with them, affirm relationships, and take inspiration from time in community with them.

Sun in the Fourth House
Sun in the fourth house spotlights family and home—the people you interact with every day. Pay attention to what is close at hand: family, heritage, and ancestors. They are a source of pride and the roots of identity. While the Sun is shining on the nest, the desire for security and commitment is strongest. Use this time to nurture relationships with the people and places that are your home. Build trust, cultivate care, and know that these bonds strengthen and support the creative work you do.

Sun in the Fifth House
Sun in the fifth house will help you to come out of the shell of home and be ready to play. The fifth house represents inspired creativity and emotion, and it encourages spontaneity with children, hobbies, and toys. Indulge in pleasure, focus on having fun, and let the energy fuel your creativity, filling it with joy. The inner child is expressed in lighthearted art, and the infectious energy of creative play inspires others.

Sun in the Sixth House
Sun in the sixth house shines a light on you, your physical health, and what you do. Time to take pride in what you do, improve yourself, and your regular routines. Take courses, learn new things, upgrade skills, or get organized. Everyone can benefit from breaking an old, bad habit, and replacing it with something uplifting with benefits to health and well-being. Attend to the little, personal details and build the structures necessary for creative perfectionism to shine.

Sun in the Seventh House
Sun in the seventh house illuminates partnership and the balance of personal interests. Having a collaborator, a sounding board, and someone to bounce ideas off of will be important at this time. Personal potential is magnified through a significant other. The seventh house is about "us" rather than "me," and pushes people toward companionship, which creates balances between personal interests and a social life. It's time to cooperate harmoniously without totally bending to the will of another. The seventh house asks us to be fully present to ourselves and our partners.

Sun in the Eighth House
The eighth house governs transformation, regeneration, change, and personal growth. The Sun illuminates addictions, sexuality, and taxes. It's time to retreat a little from the social life, and cultivate a sense of well-being and balance. Create new habits that support health, tend to bookkeeping, do taxes, or create a financial plan. Change undertaken as the Sun is transiting the eighth house tends to be deeply felt, core issue change. Be introspective, honestly evaluating strengths and talents, and get to work minimizing destructive patterns that impinge assets.

Sun in the Ninth House
The ninth house encourages an outward focus on the exciting world that beckons. Take a leap of faith, seek new experiences, and broaden horizons. Take a vacation, a journey, or a vision quest, and see the world through new eyes. Look deeply into the truth and beauty that surround. Having the Sun in the ninth house inspires an escape from the daily grind, so shake things up and take some risks, feeding the soul with new visions and experiences. Jump in and enjoy, but remember to not lose touch with everyday life. Escape, explore, and have fun, but preserve the routines and habits that best serve you.

Sun in the Tenth House
The tenth house is the house of career and professional reputation. The Sun illuminates your position in society, your reputation, and public persona. The Sun focuses us on a sense of our own competency. We really want to be recognized for the skilled, talented and capable person we are. Seek out more training, education, and mentoring, especially from someone older or more skilled than you. Their recognition will be deeply affirming. You are very visible right now, so do wonderful things and people will take notice.

Sun in the Eleventh House
The eleventh house is all about friends, groups, and dreams. The Sun in the eleventh house indicates a time of feeling lighthearted and social. Make connections, build networks, and form new alliances. These relationships are fun, and these acquaintances may benefit you in business. The unconventional is stimulating and can inspire your own original and progressive ideas. Plant the seeds of these dreamy ideals to grow more tangible in the future.

Sun in the Twelfth House
When the Sun is in the twelfth house, it is a time to retreat and regenerate in preparation for the beginning of a new cycle. It's time to take stock, and to think about attachments to people, places, things, and routines that you have formed. What really works? What doesn't? In this introspective time, let go of the need to compete. Use your time to put your private affairs in order. Creatively, tidy your workspace, fix your tools, and replenish your supplies in preparation for the new cycle coming.

Let Your Brilliant Creativity Shine
Now that you know about Sun sign types and the affects of the Sun transiting the houses, use this information to illuminate your art. Dare to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and famous. And let the sunlight shine.

From Llewellyn's 2011 Sun Sign Book. For current-year calendars and almanacs, click here.

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