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by Gerald and Betty Schueler  /  17,260 views
The Tarot is often called the oldest book known to humankind. According to occult legend, the original cards comprised "chapters" in a book known as The Book of Thoth. Thoth was the ibis-headed god of wisdom and represented knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. At the founding of Egypt, unknown
See also: Tarot
by Donald Michael Kraig  /  12,024 views
1) My clients are responsible for their own behavior. 2) I will strive to be encouraging and give hope. 3) I will strive to be balanced, centered and cheerful. I will concentrate on my client as and not on any of my personal problems. 4) I will strive to educate my clients so they do not have to
See also: Psychic Powers
by Keith Randolph  /  13,065 views
Visualization doesn’t always manifest that dramatically, of course, and it is not solely a psychic phenomenon whose effects are accomplished through telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection, precognition or psychokinesis. It is much more than that. Visualization forces us to communicate with
by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke  /  7,228 views
Using a Dream Journal Record the elements of a dream immediately up awakening (See: Dream Recall), but do not stop to interpret them. Later, you will also record your interpretation, and start a "dictionary" of the symbols and other elements that seem meaningful to you, and what they seem to
See also: Dream Journal
by Donald Michael Kraig  /  15,012 views
Some people have tried to associate the word with ancient Jewish mysticism and Kabalism. Typical examples say that it is derived from ab, ben, and ruach acadasch, words that respectively mean father, son, and Holy Spirit. Another supposed source is that it is a variation of the Hebrew abreq ad
See also: Abracadabra
by Gerald and Betty Scheuler  /  14,734 views
Enochian Magick specifies thirty special zones called the Aethyrs, or Aires. These range from TEX, the lowest, which interfaces our Earth, to the highest, LIL, which interfaces the world of divinity. The Enochian magician learns to leave his or her physical body and travel through these Aethyrs in
See also: Enochian Magick
by Donald Michael Kraig  /  15,229 views
Summary: Although actually more focused on African myth and lore rather than African American contributions to civilization, this deck is a wonderful introduction to both explorations as well as being close enough to the RWS tradition as to be useful as a divination tool for any Tarot reader.
by Florence Wagner McClain  /  20,839 views
Age regression takes one back through the present lifetime to discover answers to problems. Though it may appear that most problems have their roots in past lives, the fact is that the majority of problems are caused by events that happened in the early years of the present lifetime. The minds of
by Anodea Judith  /  32,557 views
Element: Light Color: Indigo Verb: I see Attributes: Clairvoyance, memory, dreams, vision, color Chakra 6, located at the level of the forehead, is also known as the third eye. A lotus with only two petals, it is visualized as a deep indigo blue. This is the center of visual, psychic and intuitive
See also: Chakras
The word alchemy is an Arabic term comprised of the article "al" and the noun "khemi." The later word relates to "Khem" the Coptic name of Egypt. Alchemy thus means, "that which pertains to Egypt." Thus the words alchemy and chemistry are a reminder of the scientific legacy of Egypt. Another
See also: Golden Dawn
Healing Is Not What You Think It Is: You Have Been Miseducated and Overly Medicated When it Comes to Healing
by Anna
Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by RJ Spina, author of the new Supercharged Self-Healing. Healing is the return to what is original to you. What is original to you is the being-ness you eternally are. This being-ness—what is original...
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