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You Are Divine

A Search for the Goddess in All of Us

Embrace Your Feminine Strength

Every woman holds the divine feminine within her, but sometimes it can be hard to find inside ourselves. Dawn Reno Langley delivers the advice that goddesses offer us, as well as how we can incorporate those lessons into our daily lives. With powerful interviews and journaling prompts, Langley invites you to find your inner strength, let go of the expectations of society, and embrace your own divinity.

You Are Divine is a celebration of all women, sharing inspiring stories of divine female archetypes from different cultures across the globe. It features powerful examples of mythological, historical, and contemporary women who represent the best qualities in all of us. With this book, you can discover your unique way of taking back power, calling for justice, connecting with your creativity, exploring ecofeminism, and so much more.

$17.99 US

"A compelling look at how women can honor their creativity and claim their right to divinity…This book is a go-to for all who wish to change the course of their life at any juncture and a must-read for any woman who wrestles with finding her voice and her place in the world."—Susan Sanders, poet and co-author of Behind These Hills

"While reading, I found I had many shared common experiences with these women. The best part of this book are the practices at the end of each chapter, which are super helpful to dig deep, acknowledge and honor that divine within us all."—Mandy Nicolau Bernard, owner of Salty Dog Yoga and Surf

"You are Divine is a magnificently researched tribute to all women! The desire to learn, to inspire, to create, to connect, and to trust the Goddess within is the result of this must read dedication to the Divine Feminine."—Priscilla Connelly LCMHC, LADC

"At a time when traditional patriarchal ideas and mores are being questioned and renounced, Dawn Reno Langley's You are Divine…is a particularly pertinent and inspiring read. Regardless of gender or sexual identity, this book reminds the reader of the feminine energy in all of us, evoking hope for a world that has long suffered from its absence."—Melissa B. Rooney, Ph.D., scientific editor and author of The Fate of the Frog

"You Are Divine…asks [women] to explore and cherish their own goodness and strengths by providing historical and religious examples of the divine feminine from around the globe. The book spoke to me...by taking me on a journey through the pages of history, honoring the divine females of the past, and allowing me to honor the divine."—Dr. Shazia Rose, Assistant Professor at the National University of Modern Languages in Pakistan

"It is breathtaking to see [Dawn] bring her vast intelligence, creativity and authentic self into the quest for deeper knowledge of and connection to Goddess. In following her own quest, and sharing it with us, she brings us all closer to the Divine Feminine around and within us."—Olynda Smith, yoga teacher

"You'll find the 'divine woman' in yourself after reading Dawn Reno Langley's inspiring work. Having read You Are Divine, I now look at all women as truly divine."—Marcia King Gamble, bestselling author of His Golden Heart

"In her beautifully written book, Langley defines and examines those qualities we think of as feminine, encouraging us to embrace and nurture them, even as we embrace and nurture the other half of our inheritance, the 'masculine' qualities. We...have treasured within us all the attributes of God; we need only discover and exercise them. You Are Divine offers help in doing that."—Gail Radley, author of The Night Stella Hid the Stars and several Baha'i texts

"Brava to Dawn Reno Langley on You Are Divine—an elegant guide for nurturing the goddess spirit within. Brave, inspiring, and ever so wise."—Char Jones, literary reviewer

"As I read, I felt women throughout the ages, both mythical and real, embrace me and whisper, 'It's true, cherished one. You really are divine.'"—Barbara Younger, author of Purple Mountain Majesties

"It is time for us to embrace and celebrate the femininity in us, regain our power, and redefine ourselves for the goddesses we are, in our own right. This book, to me, is a call to action, to reclaim that lost history and our true feminine powers without apology, but with pride."—Tikiri Herath, award-winning author of the Rebel Diva series

"In this book, Dr. Langley...calls on all women to find the Divine Goddess that resides within them. It is an enlightening, encouraging, and illuminating book for all women of all ages."—Nancy Christie, award-winning author of The Gifts of Change

ISBN-13: 9780738768557
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: January 2022
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 224 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 34

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