The Magic of the Otherworld

Modern Sorcery from the Wellspring of Celtic Traditions

Discover a wellspring of Celtic magic that is vibrantly contemporary yet draws heavily on ancient and mythological texts. Weaving together practices and lore gleaned from Irish, British, Scottish, and Continental Celtic traditions, this book guides you through rituals and deity work that you can apply to healing, empowerment, protection, social justice, and more.

Morpheus Ravenna's methods are rooted in the beliefs of multiple gods (polytheism), spirits that dwell in all things (animism), and the hidden but ever-present spirit realm (the Otherworld). Explore Celtic-based practices like divination, sigil work, spirit alliances, and necromancy. You will also learn about spiritual hygiene, protection, and binding. Featuring Morpheus' own illustrations throughout the book and on the cover, this book helps you deepen your devotional and magical experience.

Includes a foreword by River Devora, a multi-traditional spirit worker, healer, and teacher

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"A beautiful text which provides a solid educational framework for the modern practitioner of magic based on the Celtic traditions. It is very well researched and evidences each area of practice through a close reading of historical source material. The author then also gives some compelling personal anecdotes of her practice which also illustrate her own deep experiential explorations of the subject...A very welcome addition to a growing body of literature that serves to reawaken the practical living of indigenous Celtic spirituality for the times we live in today."—John-Paul Patton, author of The Poet's Ogam

"From lead curse tablets at the bottom of chthonic hot springs to king-deposing rites chanted from the hilltops, Morpheus offers grounded guidance for the beginning practitioner and new insights for the experienced sorcerer alike. Firmly rooted in research, tested through extensive experience, and ever situated within an animist and relational worldview, The Magic of the Otherworld is a potent and much-needed contribution to the spiritual arsenal of collective liberation."—Heathen Chinese, writer

"The Magic of the Otherworld is a delight to read. In clear prose with skillful use of language, Morpheus Ravenna has written a valuable handbook for the practitioner and scholar alike. Her writing is rich with imagery and grounded in thorough research as well as in her own experiences. Of particular note is the range of history, lore, and culture upon which she draws...Each chapter contains examples of the techniques and methods she describes, illuminated by personal stories that demonstrate how to apply them. Throughout, Morpheus addresses the context for and above all the ethics of using these magics, with insight and clarity. This is a solid volume and a valuable addition to any library."—Barbara Cormack, MA, MLS, Coru Cathubodua Priesthood

"The Magic of the Otherworld effectively weaves a diverse range of source materials with practical experience into a compelling, practical work. Morpheus synthesizes this complex and at times contradictory body of material into a coherent, easy to follow guide that will inspire new and experienced practitioners for years to come."—Ryan Smith, author of The Way of Fire & Ice

"This might truly be one of the best and most thorough books on magic and animistic polytheism in recent years, especially from a Celtic perspective. Morpheus Ravenna has managed to create a massive treasure trove of practice replete with a spirit-work oriented mindset that will enrich both beginners and experienced practitioners. Wholeheartedly recommended!"—Stefanos Chelydoreus, writer and creator of the Greek Witch and the Equine Serpent

"Another invaluable resource on the shelves of many pagans and polytheists. And what witch has not longed for a book on effective, accessible sorcery with precedents for its contents set in the textual history and lore of Proto-Indo-European (PIE) cultures in which our gods were venerated? Morpheus continues to build bridges from ancient animists to present-day practitioners who want effective magic that is enveloped in a spirit of reciprocity and right relationship...It is as close to in-person teaching and mentorship as one can acquire in a book. For new practitioners, it is a map complete with guideposts, tips, and essential protections. For those who have been around a while, it is a road to deepening our work and finding a rhythm again."—Chris Hippe, cofounder of Coinnle Bodba and priest of the Morrigan

ISBN-13: 9780738772806
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: July 2023
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 384 pages
Size: 6 x 9 IN
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