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Over at the Aeclectic Tarot forum, there was a conversation about shuffling. Well, it started off as about asking the question, but wandered over into shuffling. Shuffling is something those of us who have been doing it forever don’t really think about. But those who are new to tarot sometimes have concerns about doing everything […]

Working in the warehouse makes it all worthwhile

Man, do I love working in the warehouse! This summer when orders for our calendars and datebooks were coming in fast and furious, our warehouse manager Chuck asked the rest of the Llewellyn staff if any of us wanted to be trained in to pitch in a few days to deal with the rush. Of […]

Could You be Sued for Performing Magick?

That’s an incredibly bizarre question, isn’t it? That would be like suing someone for praying. After all, prayer and magick have certain similarities. With prayer—specifically “intercessory prayer” (asking for help from a deity)—you say some words and hope that a deity will respond by granting you something. With magick, you perform some tasks that should […]

Magick & the Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is the means by which science advances. It has five major attributes: Proposal of a hypothesis Experimentation to prove or disprove the hypothesis Rigorous recording of the results of the experiments Repeatability of the experiment with the same results under the same conditions A resulting theory or law. One of the “dirty […]

Mercury is Direct But It Lags Behind

Please welcome guest blogger Sharon Leah to Guided by the Stars! Sharon works with Llewellyn’s Calendars and Almanacs in our Production department. Mercury is in apparent direct motion again after being retrograde nearly all of September. Did anyone breeze through this retrograde period unscathed? The winged trickster tagged me. I purchased a new domain name […]

Who Wants a Prize?

Because I am so suggestible you all get the chance to win a prize. Christopher Penczak is one of the my favorite authors and his new book The Witch’s Coin: Prosperity and Money Magick is just out, so of course I am reading it. He writes, “New witches start their magickal practice doing waxing Moon […]

You Eat What You Are?

I’m 98.7% certain that we are all familiar with the adage “You are what you eat.” Domino’s Pizza, however, recently teamed up with astrologer Steve Weiss, and determined that, in reality, we eat what we are. Meaning, our tastes are somewhat dictated by our astrological sun sign. While I’m not sure why Domino’s would want […]

Today’s the Day for Pagan Pride Day L.A.

If you’re in L.A., today, and looking for something to do, come on out! Meet lots of great people and say “Hello!” to me. The event is FREE. For details on the event visit their site by clicking on this link.

Happy October!

It’s the first of October. With a turn of a calendar page, I become giddy with excitement. The air is a bit colder, the leaves are a variety of colors and falling to the ground, and it’s time to break out the pumpkin recipes. October has always been my favorite month. I love the colder weather […]

Sneak Peek

One thing I love about my job as tarot acquisitions editor is watching an idea go from concept to manifestation. An author or artist approaches us with an idea. Everyone likes the idea. It grows and evolves. It is completed…well, the art and the text are completed. But there is still a lot that happens […]