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ET in your backyard?

A group of scientists are gathering together to mark the 50th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and a main point of the discussion is searching for aliens here on Earth. I guess the movie Men in Black may not be too far removed from reality as we may think!

Conference on Current Pagan Studies: Jan. 30-31

If you are in the Southern California area next weekend, please come to the 6h Conference on Current Pagan Studies at Claremont Graduate University. There are some great presenters and I’m honored to be the keynote speaker on Saturday the 30th.  T. Thorn Coyle is the keynote speaker on Sunday. This is a serious weekend […]

Meditation is a BOR

Mr. Gillette’s Revolution About 100 years ago, a man named King Gillette patented a small invention that revolutionized the world. The invention, as you may have guessed, was just a slight improvement on the “safety razor,” a device that wouldn’t slice open a man’s throat if he slipped while shaving. But the real revolution was […]

Surprise in the Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn

In the Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn, there are three cards that when set together side-by-side form a panorama. They are The Empress, The Emperor, and The Hierophant. I’ve used my newly acquiring, super-amazing Photoshopping skillz and put these cards together for you. I think it is pretty cool. Now, the LWB says nary […]

Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn

This is another deck with spectacular images. But first, a little about this unique deck. Tarot historian Giordano Berti used primary source material to create instructions and direction for an artist who has not seen other versions of Golden Dawn or Golden Dawn-tradition-based decks. This allows for an entirely fresh composition and depiction of these […]

Witchy festivals, coming right up!

A new year has begun, and with it, a new calendar of witchy and Pagan festivals crops up. There are two important conferences I’ll be attending next month, so if you’d like to meet me at either of these for advice on submitting book proposals to Llewellyn, or just to say hello, please let me […]

UFO Sightings in Northwest Wisconsin

I was rather surprised, when checking out my hometown’s local paper (well, it is about 15 miles away, but it’s the most local weekly paper around) to see that there were UFO sightings a couple miles from where my parents live. A thing I find fascinating is how so many people can dispel the lights […]

Krazy Kabalists

There is a story, found in the Jewish Talmud, that four great rabbis entered the orchard (Hebrew: pardes) known as the Kabalah. These were mature and wise men. Yet one, unable to deal with what he experienced, died. Another became a heretic. The third went insane. Only the famous Rabbi Akiva (or Akiba) “entered in […]

Annie Wilder on Coast to Coast

Annie Wilder, author of Spirits Out of Time and The House of Spirits and Whispers, was George Noory’s guest on Coast to Coast this past Friday night. Click here to listen to her interview with George.

New/Eclipsed Moon in Capricorn, 1/14/2010

Our New Moon in Capricorn occurs at 11:11 pm PST, directly preceded by a solar eclipse at 11:07 pm PST. Both 10th house themes (those of public image and career) and Capricorn qualities of ambition and determination will be highlighted. The  influence of this Capricorn New Moon will be extended by the eclipse (you can […]