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The Politics of Dancing (with Astrology)

It’s no secret that the Ronald and Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers during their time in the White House. It’s also no secret that Barack Obama kinda-sorta made fun of them for their work with astrologers and mediums  (I believe the direct quote went something along the lines of Obama not “want[ing] to get into a […]

The Three Necessities of Grey Magick

In Modern Magick I describe three general types of magick and equate them to the concepts of white (spiritual), black (negative), and grey (practical). If you follow the system in the book, you’ll learn that these are only descriptions about the results of the magick. The techniques for all three are similar or the same. […]

Full Moon in Libra, March 29, 2010

This Full Moon in Libra occurs today (March 29, 2010) at 8:25 pm EDT (1:25 am, March 30 GMT). This Full Moon in Libra focuses on balance, especially opposite the Aries sun; remember to stay balanced between focusing on your needs while still focusing on the needs of others. Also, Full moons signify the completion […]

Is Ceremonial Magick Sexist?

Holy art Thou, Lord of the universe! Holy art Thou, whom nature hath not formed! Holy art Thou, the vast and mighty one! Lord of the light and of the darkness! The above expression of honoring the Divine is found in rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It has been held up […]

Top 10 Problems of Being A Small Town Pagan

As an added bonus to our interview with author Bronwen Forbes, I asked her to make up a list of the top ten difficulties of living in a small town as a Pagan. She commented, “I swear I am not making any of these up in full — all are based on actual comments or my […]

Small-town Pagan interview: Bronwen Forbes

In my previous blog about small-town Pagans, I mentioned the new book that Llewellyn author Bronwen Forbes is working on. We sat down and did a little interview over email for you about some of the issues that small-town Pagans face. I hope you enjoy it! Llewellyn: How long have you lived in small towns? […]

Magick Isn’t a Religion

In my previous blog post I presented the idea (for those of you looking to sources, it comes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that there is no failure, only feedback. If something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean that you’ve “failed.” Rather it gives you feedback on what you need to do to achieve success in the future. […]

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot’s Hierophant

Almost everyone I’ve talked to about this card just loves what Ciro Marchetti has done with it. Renamed Faith and showing four different religious traditions, it does have a more inclusive feel. Ciro’s stated goal was to show that despite differences in practice or theology, all religions share a common core of faith. This changes […]

Are you a “small-town Pagan”?

I am anxiously awaiting a new manuscript from an author of mine, Bronwen Forbes, who has promised to mail it in next week. It’s about the challenges of being a Pagan, Wiccan or Witch living in a small town. For the purposes of the book, Bronwen says that whatever you consider a small town is […]

The Dream Enchantress’ Hierophant

Tell me, does this ever happen to you: you discover a new deck that you just love…except for one card, and that one card is bad that it makes you not want to work with that deck? This card almost pushes me that far. The Tarot of the Dream Enchantress, like the Manga Tarot, plays […]