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Magick and Insane Rules

Over 15 years ago, Microsoft spent half a decade trying to trademark the term “Windows.” They sued a company named “Lindows” and eventually just paid them $20 million to change their name. Today, there is a long list of rules available as to how you can use the word “Windows.” You could be sued if […]

Magick and the Media

I attended Daniel Webster Junior High School (now Middle School) for 7th–9th grades. The school had a student newspaper. While I was working on that paper I learned a lot about journalism, from the “6 Ws” that need to be covered (Who, What, When, Where, Why, hoW) and the technique of writing (cover the most […]

Interview with Riccardo, part 2

Riccardo Minetti is the chief editor at Lo Scarabeo. I’m not sure how long he’s been with them, but for as long as I can remember, so at least ten years. At Lo Scarabeo, Ric does a little bit of everything, including concepting, designing, and directing new decks. He is an author. He mediates between […]

Bigfoot Spotted in North Carolina

A man in western North Carolina was calling for coyotes, and was rather surprised to see what some would describe to be Bigfoot lurking around his backyard. What I find fascinating about the story is that there have been stories of a creature of sasquatch-like stature traveling around the area for many years. The police […]

Love and Intuition

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sherrie Dillard, author of Love and Intuition and Discover Your Psychic Type. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to write a book about intuition and love.  In many ways these two often highly charged energies have defined much of my life.  While psychic […]

Reader Biases and Prejudices

My friends Nancy Antenucci and Lunaea Weatherstone wonder about prejudices as a reader and how to overcome them. For instance, Nancy says, “it is really hard for me to read for someone who is having a covert affair.” Lunaea agrees, saying, “I have that problem sometimes too, especially with women who are making the same […]

Beware of the iPhone Ghost!

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by J. Allan Danelek, author of The Case for Reincarnation, 2012: Extinction or Utopia, UFOs: The Great Debate, Atlantis: Lessons from the Lost Continent, and The Case for Ghosts. As author of The Case for Ghosts (Llewellyn, 2006), I frequently receive photos via e-mail of alleged “spirits” for […]

Isaac Bonewits’ Health

For those of you interested in the current health situation of Isaac, here is the word from his wife, Phaedra, as of June 11, 2010: “He is not well. He was in the hospital for about 10 days & came home Monday. They gave him an ostomy to relieve stress on his anal tumors, but […]

The Book Game

Gordon at Rune Soup has presented a “game” that has been firing up the magickal blogosphere. Here is the idea: Let’s say you would like to introduce someone to the world of magick using only books. This person is going to be in a deserted house with no outside communication for a month and they’ve […]

Llewellyn Authors Across the World Wide Web

Social networks are now the darlings of the Internet. News these days often debuts on Facebook and Twitter before it is ever posted to the websites of news outlets, and we can poke our cross-country friends and acquaintances without ever leaving the comfort of our home. Llewellyn is on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LlewellynBooks) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/LlewellynBooks); like […]