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Brighten Up!

I’ve noticed I’ve spent a lot of energy focusing on the dark dreariness of this month. But why? Lighten up, I tell myself. And what better way than to explore the glittery, glamorous side of life? I think I’ll dive into Tarot Diva and come up with some inspiration for a Midwinter Girls’ Day Tarot […]

Magick 101 # 7: Ritual Design

If you’ve been following and working through this “Magick 101” series, you’re probably not yet ready to design your own rituals. If you’ve been following this series for added information—or just to see what I’m talking about—you may already know all of this. In either case, you can use this as an overview in order […]

Is Tantra a Religion?

As you get more and more into your study of magick, metaphysics, and the occult, you’re going to hear about Tantra. For most Westerners, Tantra is just “that sex stuff.” Some think it’s all revealed in the book, The Kama Sutra. So how could I even ask if Tantra is a religion? Sources Tantra is […]

Listen to Author John Michael Greer on Coast to Coast AM Tonight

John Michael Greer, author of Atlantis, Secrets of the Lost Symbol, Monsters, and several other books, will be a featured guest on Coast to Coast AM tonight. He will be discussing his new work demonstrating how history has proven that apocalyptic and revolutionary notions such as the Rapture and Singularity will never happen, but are […]

An Overjoyed (Not Overwhelmed) Thanksgiving

The fluffy nostalgia of approaching holidays has worn off a bit as to-do list reality and event hosting sets in. This is my favorite time of the year, but in the past I’ve found myself wasting it with fret. Instead of sitting with my family and savoring the company, I busy myself in the kitchen […]

Sun Enters Sagittarius 2011: Forecast for the Year Ahead

Sagittarius, The Archer November 22 to December 22 Modality: Mutable Element: Fire Ruler: Jupiter Keywords: Optimistic, adventurous, independent, restless, enthusiastic, careless As a Sagittarius you are optimistic and enthusiastic, as well as an adventurous explorer. You enjoy searching for knowledge and truth, whether by physical travel or through books. Because you search for truth and […]

Watch The Return of Intuition Author Kathryn Harwig on Kare 11

Jodi Livon, author of The Return of Intuition, joined Kare11 News on Friday, November 18 to discuss the phenomenon of the intuitive awakening that occurs in adults, usually around the age of fifty. Visit Kare11.com to watch the full segment.

Embracing the Warrior Goddess

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Stephanie Woodfield, author of Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking The Morrigan. “Why would you want to worship a goddess of war?” Usually this is the first question I’m asked when I tell someone my patron goddess in the Morrigan. My own experiences and […]

Winter Project

There are lots of good writers and artists in Minnesota. One theory is that because we have such long winters, it encourages us to stay inside and work. I know that I am devoting many of my working hours this winter to finishing my novel. So I’ll have this book by my side:   Do […]

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Yes, later this week we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, when many will get together with relatives and learn yet again why they aren’t closer, pig out on too much food, and retire to watch football on the widescreen. This is the time when bloggers from all over will be sharing what they were thankful for and […]