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An Interview with Melba Goodwyn

1. In your book you write that your grandmother was psychic , and that you first saw a ghost at the age of five. Do you believe that psychic ability runs in families?
I believe we all possess innate spiritual gifts that can be interpreted as psychic, such as: clairvoyance, intuition, clairaudience , the ability to have out-of-body experiences , have dreams that come true, and déjà vu . Because of my belief in reincarnation , I also believe we choose to be born into families with high degrees of psychic abilities in order to evolve farther along our spiritual paths or to help us (and perhaps others) reach a special goal in life.

2. Do you ever wish you weren’t psychic? How has it affected your life? Are there times when you’ve wished you didn’t see or know something?
Yes, especially when the messages I receive involve family members or close friends. It is also upsetting when I am forced to allow someone I love to go through a particularly hard lesson. Being clairvoyant has affected my life in a very positive way, by allowing me to have greater insight into the people I meet. I am no longer judgmental and I accept everyone with whom I come into contact as they are.

3. What do ghosts look like to you?
When I see a ghost, it usually appears as real as you and me; it is often hard for me to discern the difference. My best clue is that they appear suddenly and disappear just as rapidly.

4. How would you define what a ghost or spirit is?
A ghost is spiritual energy presenting itself as vibrations and frequencies that can be seen, felt, and even heard on occasion. They are merely people who are unwilling or unable to make the transition to another dimension. They could have experienced a tragic death and may be confused, or they may be aware and have an agenda they are pursuing.

5. What is a “residual haunting?”
A residual haunting is a complex phenomenon that is very confusing to the person who encounters it. Basically, it is energy that is so strong it has left a lasting impression on the electromagnetic energy field. Although is has many of the characteristics of a traditional ghost it is just an energy imprint which has been left behind.

6. What is “ecto-mist ?”
It is the second stage of ghostly manifestation. As the condensed energy in orb form is released, it begins to swirl, spread, and separate. With an adequate energy supply to draw from it can manifest into a full apparition. This phenomenon does have consciousness and a desire to communicate.

7. What is a vortex? Why do you think they occur in certain places and not others? Do they always stay in the same spot, or do they move or appear and disappear?
A vortex is probably the least understood of all ghostly phenomena. Usually appearing in a funnel shape, it is an energy conduit that supplies the energy necessary for ghosts to retain their orb shape until such time as they choose to manifest in a more distinct form. The vibrational spinning movement creates a permanent flow of energy. This allows a ghost to draw from a constant energy source. It can be photographed in many colors: red, blue, and black, with most appearing gray or white.

8. What is a poltergeist?
A poltergeist is not a ghost in any form of manifestation. Poltergeist activity usually appears when conflicts arise that cannot be resolved. These conflicts can be of a spiritual, emotional, physical or even psychic nature. Poltergeist activity is an awesome force generated in the subconscious mind of the agent and is a direct result of repressed emotions that conceal resentment, frustration, repressed anger or guilt, and even sexual stresses.

9. What is a portal?
Portals are inter-dimensional doorways opening into other realms of existence. Portals are brought into being when two or more dimensions overlap and align with each other. When this happens, an extraordinary structure is formed, allowing entities, ghosts, orbs, and anything else that chooses to enter our dimension to come through.

10. Have you ever felt threatened or been harmed by a ghost?
I have never been threatened by a ghost, nor have I ever been hurt by a ghost. I have, however, been in situations where I felt uneasy and uncomfortable and at times actually scared. Dealing with our emotions while on an investigation is a very real part of ghost hunting and one that most people are not prepared for.

I did experience a real threat to my life about 3:00 one morning while with three fellow ghost hunters in a huge isolated cemetery. But, it wasn’t from a ghost; we actually walked upon two huge black panthers! This was absolutely terrifying, and of course we were in immediate danger. We were all very grateful to be able to reach our car without getting hurt. Did we break the cardinal rule and run? Yes we did!!

11. Ghost hunting is becoming more and more popular these days. Do you have any advice to those who are just starting out? What is the most essential piece of equipment for the ghost-hunter? Is there anything they should be careful about in terms of psychic protection when going on a ghost hunt in a place that is reputedly haunted?
Relax and have fun, and enjoy your experiences. The more open and receptive you are, the better your chances of contacting a ghost. The most essential piece of equipment is without a doubt the ghost hunter themself. The information they gather and record is dependent upon their ability to override their emotions and interpret their own intuitive perceptions of what they see, hear, and feel.

12. In your experience, what is the dominant emotion expressed by most ghosts? Do they tend to be happy, sad, or angry? Is there a common theme, or several different types?
The most dominate mood or emotion of a ghost is without a doubt frustration. When a ghost is active it is merely seeking recognition or attention; they just want to be acknowledged. If they appear angry or threatening it is only because they are frustrated; they are unable to communicate their messages. It has to be very exasperating to them when we as humans fail to recognize or respond to their need to communicate.

13. Do you recommend “sending them to the light?” If so, is this something anyone can do, or do you need special training or abilities?
I absolutely do not recommend this, for several reasons. First of all, and most importantly, we see, hear, and feel ghosts only because they want us to and they are not going anywhere until they choose to.

Secondly, we have no earthly idea what their agenda is or what they need to communicate to us.
And last, but by no means least: it is not our business to tell them what to do. I would think that this would be the surest way to upset them; I know it would me.

About Melba Goodwyn

Melba Goodwyn (Texas) is an experienced parapsychologist and shares her psychic impressions on ghost hunts with the Texarkana Paranormal Investigators. Blending clairvoyant wisdom with traditional psychology, she has ...

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