Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Rose Marcus, evolutionary astrologer and editor of Insights into Evolutionary Astrology.

Pertaining to the karmic pathway of the soul and subconscious content carried over from past lives, the moon’s nodes are a key study of Evolutionary Astrology. While the south node is traditionally associated with the past and the north node with the future, Evolutionary Astrology, the Jeffrey Wolf Green method, attributes both nodes to shaping histories of the past, and both nodes to the evolving forward. If this is a new idea to you, please note that the entirety of the chart interfaces simultaneously with itself, and that each element of the chart is an integral part of the ever evolving whole.

In particular, the south node references a composite of issues, behaviors, personalities, etc. that have been critically shaping to the evolutionary journey. The information contained within north node will hold content pertaining to that which needs further development and integration. It is not my intention here to go into further detail, as this is a very large study. The nodes have many more factors and criteria that must be assessed in order to understand them fully. What I would like to offer here is to suggest that you watch the transiting nodes in reference to what houses are featured by their transit. The nodes transit through a sign axis corresponds to an 18-month cycle. Depending on the amount of degrees/size of the house, the nodal axis transit through a particular natal house polarity will highlight a point of integration that will occupy the individual’s experiences over a year or so.

No matter what signs they tenant, when the transiting nodes move through the birth chart’s angular (the archetype of cardinal) houses (1, 4, 7, 10), there will be times of initiation, energizing of circumstances, introductory periods, new explorations, avenues, trial runs and risk taking. It is a time of stepping forward or striking out; of breaking new ground; independent, assertive and decisive moves; striking out on your own; of active implementation and active development.

Please remember that the mean or average travel of the transiting nodes is reverse to the natural zodiacal wheel, moving from Aries backwards to Pisces, etc, rather than advancing from Aries forward to Taurus, etc.

Following the angular, or cardinal, house activation, the transiting nodes will move into the cadent, or mutable, houses (3, 6, 9, 12). When the transiting nodes move through this modality, it is a time of expand growth and of becoming better informed. One can start to integrate more fully. That which has already been launched broadens in scope; it takes on a life of its own, and reveals more of its potential. During this part of the cycle, we seek more, learn more, experience more. It is a cycle of advancing to the next step. As the circumstances and framework expands, it can prompt or necessitate modification, adaptation, a significant redirection, or a shifting of gears. Dissolving of relinquishing can be a natural or necessary part of the mix.

When the transiting nodes move through the succedent, or fixed, houses, it is a time to drop anchor for awhile, to take what you already have and to use it as a foundation or base. It is a time of aiming for and working towards greater stability, consistency, continuity, grounded-ness and security.  Following the nodes transits through the fixed modality, the cardinal (angular) modality will be emphasized again.

Beginning in August 2009 and continuing through March of 2011, the moon’s south node currently travels through the cardinal sign of Cancer and the moon’s north node currently travels through the cardinal sign of Capricorn. This sign polarity emphasizes security issues re private, personal, and professional life circumstances, and also animates a key developmental cycle for social, economic, governing bodies, government, and political circumstances too. Cancer corresponds to family dynamics (parenting and parent issues are especially featured) and home based security issues and needs (real estate is included here.) Evolutionary Astrology also correlates the Cancer archetype to the evolution of the self image or ego, suggesting this is an important time to get in touch with root of subconscious drives, motivations, fears, and apprehensions, and to work toward building a more secure emotional foundation from within ourselves (which will of course lead to greater security in outwardly too.) This can be best done when we stop overcompensating, and when we detach ourselves from projected expectations or attachment to outcomes.

The Capricorn archetype pertains to our social purpose and social roles. When the transiting nodes ignite the Capricorn archetype, we experience developing circumstances that evolve our learning re how it is that we claim our personal status and authority out there in the world, how we relate and interface with external authority, and how respond to the dictates of the moment. We can be consumed by the responsibilities, duties, and obligations we are required to perform. We can also find ourselves in a key development cycle that addresses how we box ourselves in and take on a sense of indebtedness based on our inner conditionings—in other words, the “shoulds” of life.

If you would like to know more, please know that I offer webinar classes in Evolutionary Astrology. You can also research the work of Jeffrey Wolf Green or any of the authors of Insights into Evolutionary Astrology.

Our thanks to Rose Marcus for her guest post! For more from Rose, read her article, “The Time of the Quickening.”

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