Sneaky monkey. Aw…so cute!

Anxiety. Just the word makes me tighten up my shoulders and lose my breath. More and more people are realizing and admitting to their experience with chronic anxiety. In a fast paced and depend-on-yourself society, it’s not hard to imagine why this unwelcome experience and condition is flourishing. We’re losing our breath. We can’t relax. We’re bombarded and overwhelmed with task after task with no one but ourselves to rely on, and we’re just waiting for the moment when things will finally fall apart. Are you feeling it? That monkey on your back? The weight on your shoulders, jittery jangled worry clanging through your head, and rising waters readying to take you under?My, oh my! Let’s take a deep breath now. Ready? One…two…three…BREATHE


Until he looks like THIS!

Over the past few weeks I’ve had my fair share of anxiety, and it wasn’t fun. It’s a tricky monkey in that it often creeps up slowly and latches on good and tight before you realize what’s happening. Before you know it you’re in so deep it’s hard to know how to take care of yourself and reverse the tangle. When I finally woke up to what was happening, my monkey was nearly screaming in my ear. I turned to yoga and essential oils, my tried and true friends. On that note, I also turned to my tried and true friends! Breathing, muscle relaxing, aromatherapy, body chemistry balance, walks in nature, and talk therapy. Sigh…Do you feel that puddle of calm? If not, maybe these 19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety will help get you back on track and clear that monkey out of your Zen zone. You deserve peace and your anxiety is a warning bell that something is amiss. Keep searching for what will work for you to get you back to your happy balance; we all deserve that.

How do you work to balance your anxiety when it comes knocking? Share your stories so we can all benefit from one another’s experience! Find books on yoga, meditation, essential oils, and more to help you reclaim your calm.

Written by Angela
Angela is the acquisitions editor for New Age health and healing, psychic and consciousness development, and parapsychology books at Llewellyn. She is an avid reader, practitioner, and client of her subject matter and is thrilled to focus on her passion everyday! Outside of work, Angela's interests ...