I’ve been so engrossed in the process of making new books this year that my blogging status became nearly obsolete. I’m sorry! While there’s been plenty to talk about, I’ve been lost in the words of authors instead of finding my way up from the pages to write my own thoughts. But I know you’ll forgive my absence when I finally share this stack of shimmering new titles!  Let’s see what 2013 brought us, according to category. Where have we been this year in the worlds of self help, health & healing, and spiritual development?1

Spiritual Development & Parapsychology
Intuition for Beginners by Diane Brandon: Enhance your sense of inner knowing. Explore the different kinds of “sixth sense” to discover your own intuition and make it stronger.
Premonitions in Daily Life by Jeanne Van Bronkhorst: Shows how to identify your premonitions, demystifies assumptions and fears so you can learn to trust them, and demonstrates how to respond with common sense.
Your Psychic Self by Melissa Alvarez: Shows you the various ways psychic ability can manifest and also teaches how you can work with these abilities. This is an easy guide to discovering your intuitive talents.
Past Lives for Beginners by Douglas De Long: A detailed and approachable introduction to understanding reincarnation and how it impacts your current life. Learn simple ways to uncover your past lives and create a better present!
You Are a Medium by Sherrie Dillard: Discover your own medium type  and develop your skills with techniques based on your type. Dillard also shares stories that demonstrate not only do our deceased loved ones help us from the other side, but we help them as well! 

Inspiration and Personal growth
2Your Essential Self by Richard Harvey: Hands-on exploration of the 3 stages of human awakening—the process of self discovery, the transformation into authenticity, and the source of consciousness. Reconnect with who you really are.
Garden of Blissby Debra Moffitt: Journey to a protected place of spirit and imagination where you can connect with your emotions, trust your insights, and rediscover peace. Like Eat, Pray, Love, this is a transformational journey, but with a practical spin! 
Your Inner Gold by Nanci Shandera PhD: Overcoming the inner blocks that hold you back from spiritual growth is one of life’s most important tasks. This book is a step-by-step guide to personal evolution.
The Energy of Words by Michelle Arbeau: Choose  powerful words and let the secret energy of language attract abundance to your life! Eliminate negative vocabulary and replace with positive personalized language to transform your life.
Living a Life of Gratitude by Sara Wiseman: Sharing uplifting stories that travel from the beginnings of life to the end, Living a Life of Gratitude shows you how to open your heart to a journey of reflection that will help you slow down and appreciate life for what it is.
The Serenity Solution by Keith Park PhD: Helps you face difficulties with ease through easy-to-follow concepts, simple illustrations, and step-by-step exercises to develop insight and concentration. Employ calm focus, an alert, relaxed, optimal state of mind!3

 Health & Healing
The Holistic Way by Billy Roberts: Fulfill your desires for optimal health and happiness with the nadi technique, a simple and effective holistic system for self-healing.
The Yoga Birth Method by Dorothy Guerra: Applying the wisdom of yoga throughout the stages of pregnancy and labor, this book presents an eight-step pathway for connecting with your mind, body, and spirit from start to finish.
Chinese Healing Exercises by Steven Cardoza: Improve your health and longevity with 88 easy-to-learn exercises. Based on the principles of acupressure, taiji, qigong, and Daoist yoga, each exercise includes illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and its physical and energetic benefits.

Romance & Relationships
Beyond Soul Mates by Cyndi Dale: Guides you from the often-turbulent waters of soul-mate relationships into the calm, peaceful, and refreshing waters of true-self relationships, and true love. Attract your true mate or re-ignite the flame of true love in your current relationship!
Spiritual Lovemaking by Jody Baron & Peter Beamish: Spiritual lovemaking is all about aligning the physical and non-physical aspects of your being, creating a deeper connection with your own spirit—and with your partner. Relax into mindfulness and experience the pleasure of sexual energy and profound ecstasy.

Feng Shui
Classical Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance by Denise Liotta Dennis: If you’re looking for feng shui “from the source” you’ll appreciate this Classical Feng Shui wisdom, revealing authentic techniques for success with money, business, and career. 
Mind, Body, Home by Tisha Morris: If you’d prefer a more relaxed and intuitive approach to feng shui, this is the book for you! Presents your home as a reflection of you, correlating every room with its physical, mental, or emotional counterpart in you. Being in tune with its energy allows you to create positive changes in your life.

I’m glad these titles have finally made their way to you! And if it’s gift ideas you’re looking for here are even more thoughts from last year’s 2012 post and in 2011 we had Twenty Under $20: Mind-Body-Soul Gifts by Personal Taste.

Happy Holidays!

Written by Angela
Angela is the acquisitions editor for New Age health and healing, psychic and consciousness development, and parapsychology books at Llewellyn. She is an avid reader, practitioner, and client of her subject matter and is thrilled to focus on her passion everyday! Outside of work, Angela's interests ...