Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones.

“You are love. Your true essence is love. Be aware that you are love in all you do, say, think, feel, smell, taste or know, and you will be happy and healthy all the days of your life.” –Chakra Awakening

Margaret Ann Lembo

When life is challenging it is often because we have lost sight of the focus on love and well-being. We forget to think those thoughts that attract all that we desire.

Remember, everything is energy. All energy vibrates on waves—like sound waves—circling out and returning to the source. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words are broadcasting and creating future reality. It behooves us to be very mindful of what thoughts and feels we are emanating, because it’ll be returning back around to us very soon!

Through the use of tools like meditation and contemplation you can become conscious of what thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are predominant in your life. Often many of our thoughts are unconscious and repetitive. Whatever we focus on creates reality, so if you are constantly having negative or worrisome thoughts then you’ll just bring it on. The key is to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Be mindful. Simply put, being mindful means paying attention to what types of thoughts, feelings, and belief systems you maintain in your consciousness.

If you want more kind, caring and supportive friends and family, then think thoughts like: I attract love, joy, and happiness into my life. I am grateful for my support system.

But what if you don’t feel supported? I invite you to practice thinking this thought, and have gratitude for anyone who is supportive. Use gratitude as a tool to maintain positive thinking and to attract love by contemplating people, places, or situations that exhibit loving kindness. It might be a cashier, a dog, the mechanic, or a very dear longtime friend. Focus on what is working in your life and you will soon attract more of the same.

Use color, gemstones, and aromatherapy to help refocus your awareness on what you do want. Choose your clothing, gemstone jewelry, and cologne or essential oils to amplify your intentions for the day. Dressing with consciousness is easy to do and fun as well.

Use the color, energy, and feel of your choices to complement the positive thoughts you have established regarding your goals and desires. Replace negative thoughts or fears connected with the goal with the positive statements that the affirmation provides. Repeat the affirmation again and again, and soon you’ll find that any negative thoughts and fears disintegrate. Where love and goodness reside there is no room for anything but love and goodness.

For example, choose a blue shirt, a citrine bracelet, and add lemon essential oil or a citrus fragrance to amplify courage and the right words to flow through you.

Match your choices to this affirmation: It is easy for me to express myself. I am understood, and I truly hear what others are communicating.

Communication Affirmation

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