Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Debra Robinson, author of A Haunted Life and The Dead Are Watching.

I’ve had so many people over the years, both friends and clients, ask about psychic abilities. They want to know the particulars—how it happens for me, and most importantly, how to do it themselves.Debra Robinson

I believe we are all born with abilities, but that they do run stronger in some families. Whether this is due to those families listening to and accepting them (leading to ever-increasing perceptions), or whether there is some genetic predisposition toward them, is really the question for the ages.

Just as some families lean toward producing artistic minds and some scientific minds, I believe awareness of our own abilities can cause them to expand and develop into a sense as important as all others.

What I tell those who ask me is that they need to listen to their “little voice.” This is the gut instinct that, as a child, you got when your friends wanted you to do something you just knew would turn out badly. Most people have stories where they wish they would’ve listened to that little voice!

In my own case, this has turned into a sort of knowing, where information pops into my head, almost as though something is whispered to me. It might be as simple as a yes or no answer, or as complex as being given a name or picture that will be important to someone. The worst thing about this is you must learn to accept what you get, and that you may not always understand what it means at the time you get it! Such are the limitations of true psychic abilities.

When I explain to others about closing my eyes to see what the light will form, most people get confused. But this truly is what happens for me. Just as you can still see an image of a sunlit window when you close your eyes after staring at it, you can ask to be shown information in the same way.

Close your eyes (preferably in a darkened room), relax, and ask to be shown whatever question you need an answer to. First, be aware it will not always be answered. But after practice, in my own experience, it has become about 90% effective.

Ask your question, then wait. Relax. At first, darkness is all you will see. Then your “eyes” will begin to notice lighter spots passing by; streaks of light or even pictures will eventually form. It might be a word, an object, or really anything within the realm of imagination. Write down the first things that come to you. Continue to practice this, and you will be astounded at your accurate results.

I find it works best for me when asking for others, but that is the nature of my own abilities. They follow my belief that we are given gifts to help our fellow man. Remember to be grateful always for your own gifts, and use them for the benefit of others whenever possible.

Our thanks to Debra for her guest post! For more from Debra Robinson, read her article “The Dead Are Watching.”

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