Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tanya Carroll Richardson, author of the new Angel Insights.

Energetic cords are invisible energy bonds stretching through time and space that connect you to people, organizations, places, ideas, situations, issues, or patterns. These cords can simply mean that certain folks or groups or patterns are part of your life. But what about groups or patterns or relationships you want to move on from, shift, or heal? As we take action steps on the material plane to move on from, shift, or heal a relationship or pattern, it’s very powerful to combine those efforts with energetic work like cord cutting. My book Angel Insights has more information about cord cutting, as well as many other energy-clearing exercises you can try.

Archangel Michael is a protector. Why call on him for cord cutting? Nothing intimidates this guy. Bring him your messiest relationships, your darkest phobias, your most stubborn patterns, your severest wounds with loved ones. And did I mention he has a sword of light? He’ll be using it in our cord-cutting exercise below. The moment you call on Archangel Michael he’ll be by your side—he’s extremely loyal and reliable.

(For this exercise, go to a quiet room where you can be alone and shut the door.)

  • Call on Archangel Michael by saying, “Archangel Michael, please help me cut a cord today.” If you are sensitive to energy you will feel an energetic shift in the room—that is just Archangel Michael and his significant presence!
  • Think of the person, place, idea, pattern, situation, organization, or issue with which you want to cut cords. Tell Archangel Michael, out loud in a calm, soft voice, with whom or what you want to cut cords. You might say, “Archangel Michael, help me cut any energetic cords I have, from this life or past lives, to the idea of me living in poverty.” Or, “Archangel Michael, my dear friend and I got into a nasty fight. Can you help me cut the cord that represents this fight?”
  • Tell Archangel Michael about this cord, and why you want it cut. Maybe part of you longs for adventure and change, yet you are having trouble moving away from the place where you grew up (your cord is with your hometown).
  • Tell Archangel Michael how you hope cutting the cord will help. Maybe you hope cutting the cord between you and your ex will help you begin to heal, work through your emotions, and energetically enable you to attract a new partner.

(In this next section of the exercise, read one step, close your eyes and imagine it, and then open your eyes to move on to the next step.)

  • Think of this person, place, idea, pattern, situation, organization, or issue with which you share a cord, and imagine in your mind what the cord looks like. What color is the cord? What material is it made of? Is it thick (possibly indicating that the cord is very old or very strong) or is it thin and wispy (maybe this cord isn’t too intense anymore)?
  • Now get a mental image of the person, place, idea, pattern, situation, organization, or issue with which you share this cord. Imagine that this cord is connected to both of you. See it starting at your stomach or heart and stretching to the person, place, idea, pattern, situation, organization, or issue with which you share it.
  • Next, picture Archangel Michael with his enormous feather wings and mighty sword of light. He smiles at you lovingly, then raises his sword and in one quick movement severs the cord. It vanishes! Little bursts of colored light fill the space where the cord used to be. Archangel Michael hugs you, and then flies off.

You could feel differently—lighter, emotional, tired—after this exercise. These feelings will balance out over the next few days. If a cord is formidable or old you can repeat the exercise in a week or two.

Our thanks to Tanya for her guest post! For more from Tanya Carroll Richardson, read her article, “11 Magical Ways That Angels Send You Guidance.”

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