Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Emily A. Francis, co-author of Witchy Mama and author of the new Body Heals Itself.

We don’t just wear our heart on our sleeves; we wear our heart on our sleeves, in our energy field, and in the belly of our muscles. The magic in this information is that by accessing where those thoughts, feelings, and experiences have burrowed down we can connect, communicate ,and release those emotions by releasing the various muscles that guard against that emotional baggage. For example: we know that when we use the saying, “they broke my heart,” we know that our pericardium has not been torn or damaged. We know that in this statement we are referring to the energy and emotion carried in our heart space—or, technically, in our heart chakra. But it’s not always that simple when it comes to the messages of our bodies if we don’t know what to look for. Feeling the ache of sadness, loss, shame, anger, and a host of other feelings doesn’t just sit in the heart space. It shows itself behind the heart space through the backside. Like a stab in the back just behind the heart space sits just as deeply in the belly of the rhomboid and trapezius muscles. It will show itself as pain under and at the inside of your shoulder blade. So many people carry pain there and so many people seek help to get it to subside.

What this entails is treatment that encompasses the full awareness of what is occurring. We must we address the muscles and at the same time acknowledge the energy and emotions that are also held in that space. Now the big ticket item: we must invite the mind to pull out from the bank of memories what caused this pain in the first place and then go through it again this time without being attached to it. We view the situation as the observer or narrator instead of as the main character. From this angle we can process the situation and transmute all the pain and energy into something tangible that we can now release from our bodies. The most incredible way to do this of course is by having a very skilled manual body worker helping you to process all of this and help you release it once and for all. Hopefully they understand the patterns of your muscles as well as the energy work that is needed during this time. And of course, they must possess the depth and wherewithal to help you process this through the mind without stepping too deeply into your own memory bank. We don’t want anyone leading you through this with their own opinions. This needs to be information that you gather and look at with your present awareness—not someone else’s.

If you do not have a body worker there with you to help you to do all of this, don’t fret—you can do this by yourself too (though maybe not as intensely, it is still very therapeutic to do by yourself). Instead of having the muscles manually worked, you will stretch them at the same time as pulling up the old memory bank that occurred in your life to make this pain stick. Below are some easy and quick ways to access your own pains.

Remember the old game where you don’t think, but rather just blurt out the first thing that comes into your mind? Well, this game works when you are stretching or touching the area of pain, too. Don’t think; just jump to the first thoughts that come into your mind once you set your intentions and address your muscles by way of stretching, rubbing, or drumming over that area. Whatever comes up in your mind, do not judge it, just go with it. Stretch the muscles with intention. Allow yourself to re-experience the original story but again, this time you are no longer the main character. Following this part, you must become your own therapist and best friend. Talk to yourself, your body with kindness and understanding.

If this way doesn’t work and you can’t quite pull it in and see the whole memory you can try this trick. It’s a handy little backdoor trick to getting in touch with your child mind. Sit down in a quiet space with a piece of paper and pen. Write down basic questions: what is your name, who is in your family, where do you live, followed by more poignant questions that pertain to the memory you are trying to access. Keep the questions simple and don’t try to answer them while you are writing them out. Once you have written your questions change hands and answer each question. Write them with your non-dominant hand. This is your child brain. Do not judge your answers, do not stop to read each answer just keep answering them. Once you have answered all of your questions put both hands down and close your eyes for a few deep, intentional breaths. Once you are ready open your eyes and read your answers again without judgement. You are simply gathering information. At least one answer from your child brain will surprise you. Go with it. Head directly into the fog. Once you have your information go back to your physical body. You can lie down and drum over your body to help break up some of the energy and emotions that have been stored in the muscle body, followed by stretching the areas that seem to be holding on to certain painful emotions. Stretch with kindness and intention of letting go of both the muscle tension and the old experiences. If you can cry this is the very best release of all. This is a physical manifestation of pain leaving your body. Crying with knowledge of what you are crying about brings a new sense of peace and creates space in your being for something better to plant itself in there.

There are a lot of way to heal your body and your mind. There are many avenues in which to go deeper into yourself. Communicating with your body, mind, and soul space is essential and no one can do this for you but it is always wonderful to have some help. Your body and your mind are capable of so many things wonderful and we block ourselves from experiencing that supreme bliss because we punish ourselves or limit ourselves with small thinking that we don’t deserve something amazing and that is entirely backward. We all deserve amazing. So many people feel lost and lonely and are trying desperately to find some peace. It is all right there for the taking and you are entirely deserving of living a happier more fulfilled, peaceful way of living. I believe in miracles and I believe in you.

Our thanks to Emily for her guest post! For more from Emily A. Francis, read her article “The Body Heals Itself: How Our Physical Pain Alerts Us to Emotional Pain.”

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