Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kristy Robinett, author of Messenger Between Worlds, Forevermore, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife, the new Tails from the Wonderful Afterlife, and the forthcoming Journey to the Afterlife.

Beagle and Cat

Most have lost a loved one. There is typically a standard grieving process, which may come with several days off at their job, flowers, cards, and compassion. There is often a funeral or memorial service where there’s time to give and receive support and love, and moments to say a goodbye to their deceased.

Losing a pet is difficult, too, but it rarely comes with the same end-of-life formalities, which can cause unresolved or delayed grief. The fish might be flushed down the toilet with a goodbye, the hamster put in a shoe box and buried in the back garden. Some pets are left for the veterinarian to dispose of; in the last couple of decades, there are has been a rise in alternatives such a cremation and pet cemeteries. Even still, it’s hardly the same as how we treat our human loved ones, yet I’ve found that many people mourn their pet more than they do some of their family members. I’ve also discovered that many want the reassurance that their pets is still with them in spirit and happy in the afterlife.

Being that our pets don’t communicate the way humans do, often there is uncertainty.

  • “Did I do right by her?
  • “Could I have done more?”
  • I feel like I let him down.
  • “Is she upset with me?

These are all questions that sound asked to by a human about a human. They are, however, common questions asked about their pet regarding their last days/weeks, spirit transition, and afterlife.

One of the many reasons we love our pets so much is that they rarely hold a grudge, or at least for long. Have you ever stepped on your pet’s foot or tail? They howl for a second and the next moment they are looking for your attention. Unlike humans, they give us love unconditionally, and that same love continues forever.

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things to experience, but the unconditional love between you and your pet continues into the afterlife. Tails from the Wonderful Afterlife shares heartwarming and amazing stories of the signs, symbols, and messages that our pets send to us, proving that they are waiting and even helping us from the other side. From near-death experiences to witness accounts to life-saving tails―pun intended―you will both cry and laugh as you discover an array of animals and their heavenly hellos. This comforting book also offers suggestions for dealing with grief and guidance on how to make the connection with your deceased companion.

Our thanks to Kristy for her guest post! For more from Kristy Robinett, read her article “5 Ways Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck.”

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