Here in the northern hemisphere, Yule is almost upon us, but for our southern hemisphere friends, it is time for Midsummer. To help you celebrate, we’ve rounded up our best rituals, spells, books, and more!

Bonfire Imagery

Midsummer: Ritual and Lore Use this ritual from Scott Cunningham to brighten your Midsummer festivities.



Midsummer Tarot Spread

Midsummer’s Dream Tarot Spread: Celebrate the freedom and liberation of summer. Because energy is so potent during Midsummer, it is a wonderful time for protection, developing psychic ability, and divination. Use the Midsummer’s Dream layout when you want to visualize your heart’s desire. Catch a glimpse of the future in the fall beauty of the sun’s golden rays.



Hand with Seedling

A Simple Summer Solstice Ritual: At this time, when the earth’s gifts are so openly displayed, take the opportunity to give back a little. Instead of a complicated ritual, why not plant a tree for your Mother? Use this simple Summer Solstice ritual from author Deborah Blake.

Hands Toward the Sun

Midsummer Garden Party: Midsummer, or the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Use these ideas from author Ellen Dugan for celebration.

Midsummer Spells: Browse our spells to find your perfect Midsummer ritual or incantation.


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