Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Michelle Welch, author of the new The Magic of Connection.

Michelle WelchPerspective encapsulates the idea of a point of view and, ultimately, one’s personal power. Many of us seem to have placed our power outside of ourselves and into the hands of others. We are so quick to blame others for their negativity instead of first assessing our own energy. The Magic of Connection helps us learn to mind our own energy in order to live a truly empowered life.

Energy management begins with changing your perspective back to minding your own energy instead of blaming others. It is important to know whose energy belongs to whom. Learn to recognize your energetic footprint and distinguish it from others. Stop running from every perceived low vibe. The more you run, the less you are empowered.

To truly become empowered, examine difficult situations from all angles. A change of perspective will often result in a change of feelings. By merely becoming The Hanged Man of tarot, you change the form of the energy. You may begin to see the situation as a mirror, revealing an aspect of yourself that you have previously failed to acknowledge. You have rewritten the storyline just by dealing with your energy from a higher self or super-conscious perspective. The process of transmutation is underway.

10 Steps to Minding Your Own Energy

  1. Begin with an energy scan each morning before you interact with anyone or anything else. Note anything that feels odd or off.
  2. Meditate and clear away anything that feels off. Imagine it leaving you. End your meditation with specific gratitude.
  3. Decide if you need any tools or guides of protection. Examples of tools of protection include bubbles of protection, crystals, and talismans. Examples of guides of protection include Kali, Archangel Michael, and animal guides.
  4. As you go about your day, if you encounter uncomfortable energy, check back with your initial energy scan. Is this actually your energy? If not, then ascertain what energy you are sensing and why it is bothering you.
  5. Once you locate the source of the energy you want to transmute, begin to visualize the energy. Consider giving it a color, a shape, and maybe even a name.
  6. Remember, everything is energy. It never goes away but merely changes form.
  7. Begin to change the form of the energy. Visualize shaping it into something such as a yellow barbell of strength. Perhaps name it Vitality.
  8. Send some of this transmuted energy back to the origin of the perceived negativity. If you don’t feel ready, then attempt this step as you advance in your transmutation abilities.
  9. As you advance, while you will still need tools of protection, but eventually, you will need them less. You will become a human black tourmaline—not only will you absorb and deflect energy, but you will also transmute it.
  10. Transmutation isn’t easy, so practice. At some point, we forgot our powers of transmutation and began blaming and protecting. That is not empowerment. Taking responsibility for the energy you bring and transmuting the rest is true empowerment.

Our thanks to Michelle for her guest post! For more from Michelle Welch, read her article, “14 Crystals for Clearing, Protecting, and Transmuting.”

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