Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Signs and Past Lives, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde, and the new Sun Sign Karma.

It was twenty years ago that I invented a past lives astrology chart. I was preparing an outline to send to Matrix Software for a past life astrology report software program, but felt something was missing. They had previously released my Simpaticos relationship report program. I had a copy of my astrology chart just to my left on my desk. I kept staring at my chart, and suddenly saw a past life chart wheel inside my traditional chart.

My left, analytical brain started arguing with my right, intuitive brain. My right brain finally convinced my left brain that I had discovered a new chart technique. I sent this new discovery to Matrix Software, and much to my happy surprise, they were excited about my new past life chart wheel. Over the next several months, I wrote the interpretations for the past life software program. When released by Matrix, my past life program was an international success! Matrix released the software program, including the actual chart wheel to go with it. Customers buying the past life software started requesting the past life chart wheel.

Matrix had to do special logarithms to set up the past life chart wheel to go with the written report program and then send the revised software program that now included the chart wheel. The past life chart wheel uses the twelfth house as the Ascendant! It is a clockwise house system. The eleventh house becomes the second house, the tenth the third, the ninth becomes the fourth, eighth the fifth, the seventh is now the sixth, the fifth the eighth, the fourth the ninth, the third the tenth, the second the eleventh, and first the telfth. It is interesting to see how each chart plays off the other!

Sometimes it is important to trust your intuition when you think you may have a new insight, don’t you agree? My past life software program is now being sold by Cosmic Patterns in Gainesville, Florida, which is an interesting synchronicity—I graduated from the University of Florida in 1971 in Gainesville, Florida.

Our thanks to Bernie for his guest post! For more from Bernie Ashman, read his article “Healing Our Karma by Understanding Our Sun Sign.”

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