Series:  Llewellyn's Little Books

Llewellyn's Little Book of Witchcraft
#16 in the series
This fun, pocket-sized book by beloved author Deborah Blake shares 90+ spells, tips, and activities for witches of all levels. You'll delve into dozens of hands-on practices, from sabbat celebrations to magical housework. Deborah teaches you how to build an altar, use divination tools, invoke deities, increase creativity, cleanse yourself and your space, and much more. Llewellyn's Little Book of ...
About The Authors
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez is a bestselling, award winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on self-help, spirituality and ...
Melanie Barnum
Melanie Barnum (Bethel, CT) is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, life coach, and hypnotist who has been practicing professionally for more than ...
Holly Bellebuono
Holly Bellebuono (Massachusetts) has been a community herbalist, apothecary director, and teacher for over two decades. She uses her inspiring ...
Deborah Blake
Deborah Blake is the author of over a dozen books on modern Witchcraft, including The Little Book of Cat Magic and Everyday Witchcraft, as well as ...
Cyndi Dale
Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which ...
Jaime Gironés
Jaime Gironés (Mexico City) was born in 1989 and has followed the Wiccan path since he was 13 years old. He writes about spirituality, magic, ...
Dr Michael Lennox
Dr. Michael Lennox (Los Angeles, CA) is a practicing psychologist and one of the most respected and soughtafter dream interpreters in the U.S. He has ...
Shawn MacKenzie
Shawn MacKenzie (Southern Vermont) is a life-long student of the strange and mysterious—myths, arts, religions, sciences, the occult—as ...
Jason Mankey
Jason Mankey is a third-degree Gardnerian High Priest and helps run two Witchcraft covens in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Ari. He is a ...
Melanie Marquis
Melanie Marquis is the founder of the United Witches global coven and the organizer of Denver Pagans. She has written for Circle, Pentacle, and the ...
Barbara Moore
Barbara Moore (Saint Paul, MN) has studied and read tarot since the early 1990s. She wrote the bestselling Tarot for Beginners and more than a dozen ...
Mickie Mueller
Mickie Mueller (Missouri) explores magic and spirituality through art and the written word. She includes magical herbal washes in her art that ...
David Pond
David Pond (Olympia, WA) is an astrologer, author, speaker, and international workshop leader. He is the author of six previous books on metaphysical ...
The Newton Institute
The Newton Institute® (USA) was established in 2005 by bestselling author Michael Newton. As the foremost organization for life-between-life ...
Angela A. Wix
Angela A. Wix (Western Wisconsin) has acquired body-mind-spirit titles for Llewellyn Worldwide. She is a Certified Medical Reiki Master (CMRM), ...
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