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Is There Proof the Spirit World Exists?

Light at the End

Is there any proof that the Spirit World exists? Some folks want positive evidence, and many scientists are skeptical of the possibility of life after death. But, look out! This attitude may soon change as new technology is creating equipment which can do amazing things. Already available is equipment that can read air temperature changes. Is this the next miracle about to be revealed? It's hard to believe, but Nexus New Times and Reuters reports that scientists are developing mind-reading technology in collaboration with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So far the implications are that mind-reading computers offer endless potential when used in science, but what about when they are used to link into spirits? Now that's an interesting thought, and opens up a whole new spectrum!

We humans already fall into three very separate categories:

  1. Those of us who believe in the world of spirit, life after death, and reincarnation
  2. The folks who have an open mind but no firm conviction
  3. Those who are adamant that death is the end and will remain so until they are shown solid proof

So will this computer be able to link into a spirit presence in a building? Yes, it sounds very far-fetched, but remember the mind lives on after death and so do our senses.

So, if this nifty gadget can link into human senses, then technically it should also be able to link into the senses of a deceased spirit. An "emotionally aware" computer is expected to read human thoughts by analyzing a range of facial movements and has been designed to diagnose a person’s mental state.

This new technology is designed as a tool to aid reaction, online teaching and tailored advertising. Now that this new line of thought has opened up, perhaps it won't be too long before the potential is recognized and a "spirit detecting model" is on sale!

Remember, we are all energy and after death we are still energy, so could this computer give proof of life after death and detect the presence of spirits?

Will we also soon be able to hail "nanotechnology" as a field of science to give us the illusive proof of continuance of life? Nanotechnology is a science which works with minute particles. When I say minute, I really mean it as one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. There is a distinct possibility that in the not too distant future research on this latest field of technology will excel itself, as research has been carried out at the University of Michigan where United States border security officers have sponsored the development of a sensor which detects gaseous material.

At this university's Center for Wireless Integrated Micro Systems, work is progressing on a micro powered environmental wrist watch sized monitor which will be able to analyze gaseous material at minute levels of one hundred parts per trillion. Many folks who have felt a spirit presence have reported smelling perfume, fresh baked bread, or pipe tobacco (see Spirit Rescue for details of spirit sounds and smells ). This raises the question, "will this minute monitor detect the gaseous energy of spirits?" Confirmation would bring peace to so many bereaved folks.

Convincing Proof
We all need proof that death is not the end, and some of us are fortunate to have received proof from the spirit world. But, for those in doubt, the following cases of past live experiences will help to confirm we do live further lives after death.

A convincing form of confirmation that we live more than one life is demonstrated by those who've experienced past lives. The details are documented in many countries, and the authenticity of many of these examples cannot be disputed or an alternative explanation offered.

How can science possibly explain some of the very convincing proof of past lives? In the case reported by Dr Morris Netherton (www.victorzammit.com), an eleven-year-old boy who when under hypnosis was taped speaking in an ancient Chinese dialect. This astonishing tape was taken to a Professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California, where it was found to be a recitation from a forbidden religion of ancient China. (Fisher 1986:202.)

Equally convincing is another case that proves past life experience. This is the story of a little ten-year-old boy, an Igorat Indian who lived in a remote Cagayon Valley in the Philippines. Under trance conditions, he communicated freely in Zulu language. The fact that this child had never heard Zulu language spoken is surely proof for the most skeptical mind. Author Lyall Watson, who lived in Africa as a child, recognized the language and reported this interesting case detailed in A Lawyer Presents a Case for the Afterlife (victorzammit.com). So how could this boy, while living in a remote village, possibly learn to speak fluent Zulu? The only rational explanation is that he lived as a Zulu in a past life.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling example of proof of past lives comes from those folks who can, when under hypnosis or trance, speak a number of languages without having any knowledge of them. American medium George Valentine conducted séances in trance speaking in Russian, German, Spanish, and Welsh. Carlos Mirabelli, a Brazilian medium, gave even more indisputable proof of previous lives when he wrote long technical documents in more than thirty languages, which included Syrian and Japanese. This exercise was no fluke, as the work was carried out in the presence of scientists, and on some occasions crowds of up to five thousand witnessed this amazing feat. (Lazarus 1993:84.)

Do you ever wonder if you've had a past life in a certain place because it feels comfortable and familiar? Or wonder if you've met a certain person in a previous life because you seem to know their mannerisms and have an unexplainable bond?

Like the cases mentioned above, there are so many instances reported where children tell of past lives and when these facts have been checked, they've been found to be true. A great many children are psychic until around five years of age, and they can easily tune into situations.

If you look in the library or on the Internet you will find that there is an astronomical amount of well -documented evidence available which seems to confirm that we do indeed live many lives. What other explanation could account for the ability to speak in an ancient language, or, like Mozart, compose a concerto at the age of four years, when barely able to read or write?

Dr Mark Pitstick (www.soulproof.com) reports the truly amazing case of twin baby boys born in the United States who were heard conversing with each other in a strange, unrecognizable language. The babies were taken to Columbia University's language department in the hope that the language could be identified. Fortunately a professor of ancient languages identified that the babies were speaking Aramaic, a language used at the time of Christ.

How do scientists explain this example of what is almost certainly a past life? It is remarkable for babies to speak any language when so young, and if they spoke a modern day language like French, Italian or Spanish, skeptics could argue they learned it from a member of their family or an au pair girl. So how do skeptics explain these babies speaking a language which only experts in ancient languages would recognize? Do you agree this is proof of past life experiences?

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a world famous psychiatrist, has studied over 250 cases involving children who have told details of past lives. Most of these were found to be very accurate. It is impossible to explain a child's ability to tell where he lived in a previous life and where his relatives lived, or where the family treasure was buried before he was born. In Spirit Rescue you'll find answers to many questions about past lives and details of regression. Don't be too surprised to find that past life cases like these are very common, and once you raise the subject of past lives, you will find many folks have a tale to tell and can relate to the subject.

Can Spirits Help the Police Solve Crimes?
Yet another example of the existence of the spirit world is the ability of certain mediums to communicate with spirits to help find criminals. It may sound a bit theatrical, but it does happen. Some police forces use the assistance of psychics in criminal investigations.

Psychics do have their uses, and no matter what skeptics may say about those gifted mediums, many have helped the police to solve crimes. In fact this outside help is now becoming so accepted that a second edition of the book Psychic Criminology: A Guide for Using Psychics in Investigations has been published. (C.C.Thomas ISBN 0398072892.)

It is hardly surprising that senior police officers are hesitant to admit they have enlisted the assistance of a psychic detective or medium to find a missing person, but it appears that their help is requested more often than we realize. This also applies to dowsers, as many dowsers have been used by police to find missing bodies, bombs and mines.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s Maggie Newhouse (www.pittsburghlive.com) reported in July 2006 the story of an experienced psychic who has assisted the police in more than 550 cases. Would the police continue to request the services of this lady if she had not previously proved her skills could assist the police in solving difficult cases?.

In one case a medium drew a map of the district and pinpointed the area where the body of a missing elderly man would be found. Many well-known mediums in the UK have worked with the police, and although this assistance does not often reach the media, it goes on quietly behind the scenes. Mediums are able to link into their guides and helpers for answers, and often a deceased relative of the person concerned will communicate to give helpful comments and details. This again confirms we live on after death.

The Court TV program Psychic Detective gives more confirmation that psychics can help police. This program profiles true cases where psychics have been enlisted to resolve baffling cases. The program describes how a medium helped police by directing them to the site where she saw the body of a missing man. She saw his body in his truck, which had crashed and catapulted down a quarry. (www.courttv.com)

So, surely this is more proof that we can communicate with the dead.

Do Transplanted Organs Live On?
Transplant surgery has come a long way since the news hit the headlines that cardiac surgeon Dr. Christian Barnard and his team in South Africa successfully transplanted the first human heart four decades ago. Little did we realize then the scale of this new surgery, which has now been carried out on roughly half a million patients.

Who could have foreseen that there could be unexpected side effects in the form of a personality change, altered tastes in food, or the patient would acquire an unexplained gift in music or art? How can these unaccountable changes occur? Does the donor's organs carry cellular memory of the donor's life? If you take on some of the characteristics of the deceased organ donor, this surely means the deceased's energy lives on, confirming everything does not die on physical death.

Psychic News reports that Professor Gary Schwartz, an expert on this subject, has interviewed over seventy transplant recipients who have taken on various personality traits of their donor. This professor believes that one in ten transplants experience elements of their donor's personality. Cellular memory carries information and energy stored in organs and this is passed to the recipient, so although the body dies at death, the mind and memory live on, and I believe many memories and skills are taken to the next incarnation.

There will probably always be controversy over the subject of life after death, but whatever your viewpoint or belief, death is inevitable. The Big Question is, "What Happens After Death?" Do we live another life on this planet or on another planet? And will we meet our family and friends when we get there? Souls move in groups, so you will meet loved ones again, but in a different situation. You will find facts about your soul and soul groups in Spirit Rescue, which will help to reassure you that life is eternal.

More proof of after-death communications comes from The After Death Communications Project when they interviewed 3,300 people in the USA and Canada who received first hand accounts from people who were convinced they had been contacted by a loved one. (The Psychic Times, www.thepsychictimes.com.) Yes, skeptics will say "it's all in the mind," but this in-depth research was highly-organized. Surely a high percentage of those folks interviewed had received proof that they had in fact felt the presence of a loved one, or heard a voice, or experienced other proof.

It is so easy to sweep aside the fact that every year hundreds of thousands of people have received messages from the spirit world, giving information which the medium could not possibly have known.

Perhaps this accounts for the results of a recent Gallup Survey which showed three in every four adults in the USA claim to believe in at least one section of the paranormal (www.after-death.com).

Psychic News reports that the Gay Community's Pink Paper found results of a survey showed 55% of their readers believed in ghosts and spirits. Is this figure below the national average?

Attitudes are changing, but very slowly. To say there is bias in the UK against Spiritualism is an understatement. Is only very recently that the Broadcasting Act has lifted the barrier on talking about reincarnation in a scientific manner. Sadly, the Independent Television Commission (ITC) still restricts what information on this fascinating subject the public are allowed to receive (www.psychicfairy.com).

In the words of the late James Hyslop, Professor of Logic and Ethics at Columbia University in New York, "I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proven—any man who does not accept the existence of discarnate spirits and the proof of it is either ignorant or a moral coward." Wow! Well said! (Life After Death, 1918, www.survivalafterdeath.org).

At Last the Paranormal Is Becoming Acceptable?!
We all assume that every subject taught on the curriculum at universities is considered respectable and necessary, so the report from Simon Forsyth at The Psychic Times (www.thepsychictimes.com) that the Paranormal now has a chair at Edinburgh University in Scotland, Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and Lund University in Sweden is encouraging news. Does this mean that at last the subject of the paranormal has gained respectability? The fact that this controversial subject is being taught at universities is a big step forward to improve the credibility of this much-maligned subject.

Another example that there is an increasing demand for information on the spirit world is demonstrated in London at Harrods, which is one of the world's most famous and well respected stores. They now offer psychic sittings, reports Psychic News (August 5, 2006). Many folks will find it hard to believe that Harrods has opened its doors to the world of spirit, but it appears to be a very lucrative business. One session costs more than £120, and there is already a three-month-long waiting list.

It wont be too long before we see shops in local high streets offering sittings. Selfridges, one of London's top department stores, now has six psychics offering sittings. Mediums can give great comfort to the bereaved with words of comfort and confirmation that their loved ones are near them, so it's not surprising that so many people today are hungry for more information about the spirit world.

If you would like to explore the existence of the spirit world or learn how to develop your psychic ability, you will find many answers in Spirit Rescue to help guide you on your journey.

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