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The Games We Play: A Sagittarius/Sagittarius Union


This is a romance filled with a fiery zeal to pursue endless paths to self-discovery. These are two people with a tendency to forge ahead and a lack of interest in what is left behind. A Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship is driven by multiple purposes. Single-minded directions don't appeal to these two. An awareness of other possibilities keeps both of these energetic souls in constant pursuit of new directions. Goals manifest in the blink of an eye. The students, teachers, and philosophers of the world can admire these two. Learning and the search for knowledge pierce directly through the heart of the Archer. The love that these two share instills the faith to soar over obstacles. Physical and mental travels together are common themes.

All Roads Lead to Rome Game
The games played in your Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship are associated with an untiring restless spirit and a too-narrow perspective. The All Roads Lead to Rome game finds you both becoming too scattered. It can be next to impossible to finish what you start when you are pulled in numerous directions. You lack discipline and focus. The impatience to move on to the next exciting thing produces this behavior. You can become annoyed with one another if you never get key goals accomplished. There is a tendency to leave things undone, even if you are more than halfway through them. Disappointments can cause tension between you.

Grass Is Greener Game
The Grass Is Greener game can make settling into a commitment challenging. One or both of you may believe that happiness lies elsewhere. You don't find the level of trust that you want if you only have one foot in the relationship. Defining the relationship is tricky if you sense that your lover is planning to escape. When you keep your bags packed (whether literally or figuratively) it hinders your ability to be intimate. Freedom is a big requirement for your sign. You might say that this game takes independence to the extreme. How you communicate in this game is not the source of difficulty, but the extent to which you share your plans could be a problem. If you start to think that life would be better elsewhere, it may sway you away from productive ideas. The bottom line is that your work together can be hijacked by alternative temptations that deter you from productive action. You pay a steep price if you are swayed to go after an illusion that isn't as good as it seems.

My Way Is the Only Way Game
You don't win each other's hearts when you express dogmatic points of view, as in the My Way Is the Only Way game. Sagittarius is at its best when it shows tolerance for opposing opinions. The Archer is at its worst when it is too judgmental. Self-righteous ideas will not make you feel close. You will argue until you are blue in the face if you try to change each other's mind over certain issues. You can be like two litigators fighting it out in court. There is no winner here. Your sign can be long-winded when it comes to defending your principles. If you are fighting for a cause, no one can talk you out of your ideas. Fights over your ideals can cause some heated scraps. It's not endearing when either of you chooses to adopt a narrow perceptive, rather than a broad-based approach that includes more than just your own perceptions.

How can you solve these Sagittarius-Sagittarius games? In the All Roads Lead to Rome game, you must practice the art of concentration. Patience doesn't come easily to fire signs such as yourselves. You will need to train yourselves to commit to following through on a plan. You will feel better when you learn how to master the restlessness that propels you through life. Harnessing this incredible energy takes fortitude. Challenge yourselves to channel that raw force into productive outlets. The eclectic nature you share will naturally lead you to more than one way of looking at situations. Even in problem-solving, you tend to consider various solutions. It may be true that more than one path will make a job more fun. Be sure that you don't get so lost in spicing up the journey with extra sightseeing that you forget where you are heading.

The Grass Is Greener game can be turned around by becoming more committed to each other. Escapist tendencies must be curbed. You won't know what you have in each other if you don't give it a real chance. When you sense that your lover is eying other options, it doesn't give a sense of permanency to your relationship. Dropping your defenses with each other can be freeing—withholding emotions can actually take more energy. Your relationship will seem more intimate and relaxed when you perceive yourselves as a stable couple. No one is suggesting that you should ignore your adventurous instincts. The two of you will always have the innate urge to hop a freight train to adventure. Be the rogues and adventurers you were meant to be, but it's more fun to know you are truly on the same team. You might need to watch out for an inclination to pull away from goals when there may be greater riches elsewhere. You are a highly energetic pair that runs circles around most people. Learn to stick with your current projects. When you both can show that you are there for each other, there is magic in your romance.

The My Way Is the Only Way game is not the way to go. The two of you have expansive intellects, but when you become too attached to your own version of the truth this game comes on the scene. The intellectual capacity of your sign is awesome. There aren't many people who can out-debate you on your favorite subjects. You become feisty when your ideas are challenged. You will find that your lover draws closer when you don't need to have the last word. The passion you share to be right can lead to two wrongs. Direct this dynamic part of yourselves at your creative projects. You both have too much belief in your own ideas to ever really be talked into accepting another's perspective. Share your knowledge. Let go of trying to convert one another. Dogma only causes friction that you don't need. Show the openness that is the trademark of your sign. You will like the passionate response of love you receive.

The Rainbow
Your Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship takes you to places that are exhilarating. A "live for adventure" motto is probably never too far from your thoughts. You can convince others to believe in themselves. Your undying faith burns a path in front of you, while fanning out in several directions satisfies your thirst for knowledge. Your pace can accelerate at the first sight of a new opportunity. A lively stride through life seems to be typical of your sign. You will fight for your ideals and show a strong allegiance to honesty.

A Sagittarius man perceives that the Sagittarius woman shares his enthusiasm for life. Her quick, light stride catches the eye of the Archer. This Sagittarius woman is eager to explore all corners of the earth. Her laughter touches his heart. He loves that which is jovial, whether it be people, places, or things. The Sagittarius man is thrilled to exchange philosophies with this fiery woman. She talks with a conviction that he rarely sees in others. She really thinks that her dedication to her ideals guarantees their success. The Sagittarius man doesn't dare to point out flaws in her thinking. Why? This soft-voiced woman can counter with a jab at his own lofty ideas. He senses that this is a fundamental truth. The Archer is puzzled by the emotions he feels when he is with her. He doesn't always like to feel so strongly, because it gets in the way of spontaneous action. "She must really arouse my passion," he thinks, "or why would I feel like I'm sinking into watery ground?" He enjoys how their chemistry can magically transform them from thoughtful introspection to "full steam ahead" action. The ideas they share ignite great creative imagination in the Sagittarius man. He notices that she is happiest when they talk less about what is possible and act on in-the-moment impulses. He can go for this!

A Sagittarius woman sees a bright reflection of herself in the Sagittarius man. He seems to possess the same disregard for playing it safe. His propensity for risk-taking is no greater than her own and his light-heartedness may equal her own. She likes his sense of humor because there is nothing that is taboo or off limits. He does seem to be on his best behavior, but seems embarrassed when he unwittingly puts his foot in his mouth. (She has done this once or twice herself.) She wonders if the two of them could learn to agree to disagree. It's obvious from her vantage point that they may strongly disagree on their favorite interests. She's not afraid of the fiery man's temper. In fact, she likes to trip him up on occasion to see how he will react. He gets over his tantrums, especially when he sees that it's all in jest, anyway. The Sagittarius man has an air of playfulness, but she sees that underneath the mask is a determined soul. He is almost tormented in pursuing his dreams. How does she recognize this? Her own world is filled with ideals and altruistic beliefs. She thinks that it's exciting when they walk in each other's terrain. She notices that he isn't concerned about putting everything back so he can find it again. "Oh well, just as long as he doesn't tread over sensitive issues," she thinks. He may be "mate" material, after all.

You may have seen from the start that you can walk proudly together. There is no reason you can't make your lover happy. You both share a love for the future. Even if you are impatient with the present, you find a way to satisfy its demands. Schedules don't impress you. Planning entices you only when there is a need to accomplish your highest aspirations. Commitments are foreign to your mind. You tend to surrender to time when you are captured by the magical allure of opportunity. When you show patience with one another, you move into a deeper sense of why you are together. The exchange of ideas, along with a tromp or two into uncharted lands, keep you close in heart and mind.

Excerpted from SignMates, by Bernie Ashman

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