You have an amazing Best Friend. You may not even be aware of this best friend, and yet…

  • This Best Friend has been with you all your life.
  • This Best Friend remembers everything you have ever experienced.
  • This Best Friend knows your every feeling.
  • This Best Friend knows your every goal and dream and will do everything possible to help you attain them.
  • This Best Friend cares deeply for you and reacts immediately to your every concern.
  • This Best Friend knows everything you’ve ever learned.
  • And better yet, this Best Friend knows how to find all the information you need to live a better and more useful life.

Do you know who this incredible Best Friend is? Here are some more clues:

  • This Best Friend is always looking out for you.
  • This Best Friend never sleeps on the job and will never let you down when you need those resources.
  • This Best Friend always stands ready to help you, 24/7.

Have you figured it out?

This powerful Best Friend is… Your Own Subconscious Mind!
Don';t stop reading now! You may be thinking that your Subconscious Mind isn't too important. After all, it's just your Subconscious. But you'd be wrong.

Your Subconscious Mind influences everything you think and do.

Your Subconscious Mind is an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL RESOURCE!

Your Subconscious Mind is ready to fulfill your every request RIGHT NOW!

All you have to do is discover a simple and direct way to communicate your requests to your Subconscious Mind so it will understand exactly what you want and make it happen.

It doesn't really matter what you ask for so long as you truly want it and have no doubts that you are entitled to it.

In words Plain & Simple, you've got to: Really know what you want and then Believe in your own power to achieve any goals.

Maybe you've never used that power, but there's a part of you that instinctively knows it exists. There's a part of you that literally yearns to use that power! It is that part of you that is your Subconscious Mind. It wants to do everything possible to help you. All you have to do is tell it what you want in a way it understands. Of course you wouldn't be reading this if you knew how to do that. You'd be too busy achieving your goals and making your dreams come true.

We want to help you reach that level. We're here to show you the nature of the incredible power of your Subconscious Mind and how to use it. To begin there are two secrets you must learn:

strong>Secret # 1: Know Your Goals
Your goals are not mere wishful thinking. They need to be presented to the Subconscious Mind in the form of an objective, rational, concisely worded statement of specific things you really want and believe to be important to your well-being.

Your goals are the changes you want to make in your life. Perhaps you already know what they are but haven't made them part of you—yet! You know that when you have them you will be happier, healthier, more successful, and more fulfilled. Every day you'll wake with a smile on your face looking forward to the amazing things that are going to happen and improve your life in every way. You'll know you are doing what's right for you.

Secret # 2: Know What You Need to Do
Sometimes there are things you know you need to do. Perhaps you've been putting these things off for years. Be honest and objective: Do you really need to lose weight? Do you really need to end your addictions, no matter what they are? Do you really need a better job, and are you ready to learn what's necessary to fill those job requirements? Do you want a real relationship to which you will commit? Are you ready to be a parent and really accept the responsibility for a child's growth and development?

Ask yourself serious questions like these and understand the ramifications involved. Determine your goals and needs. Determine what you want to work on first. Then you'll be ready to program your Subconscious Mind to achieve everything.

State the Facts
There is an old saying: Knowledge is Power. REAL power, however, starts with Self-Knowledge. You have to know what you need to change to change it. You have to know what you do want replace what you don't want. You have to make a statement of those facts in Plain & Simple words—concisely stating as fact your Want & Need and your Goal. THE CHALLENGE
There's a reason you haven't achieved all of your goals. Reaching your Subconscious Mind so you can communicate to do what you want can be a challenge. Take a look at the illustration below. It's a diagram of the basic functions of the mind in the form of a sphere. At the top is a small section labeled the "Conscious Mind." The conscious mind is who you are and what you think.

Best Friend

The largest part of the diagram, called the "Subconscious Mind," is that part of your mind that you're not conscious of. It's incredible and unlimited, recording everything that has happened to you. It controls every part of you that your Conscious Mind isn't consciously controlling. It's the true mental powerhouse of who you are.

The third part of the mind is called the "Critical Factor" or CF. It separates the Conscious from the Subconscious. It's the part of you that doubts. Let's say you want to quit smoking. In your Conscious, you say, "I'm going to quit smoking." The CF says, "You've tried this before. It's difficult and you'll fail." The Subconscious Mind registers this as "I will fail" and influences your thoughts and actions. The result is that you continue smoking. That's why many people aren't successful with just repeating positive affirmations. The true key to "mind power" is to bypass the CF and communicate directly with the Subconscious Mind. But how?

Once you can bypass the CF and have the facts you need to communicate with your Subconscious Mind it will follow your exact commands—so long as you know HOW to talk to it. That's it. It's really that simple. Bypassing the CF and knowing how to talk to the Subconscious Mind so it will understand and follow your commands is the great secret of Mind Power. It's the secret ability that is possessed by great thinkers and billionaires. The real secret is that the most powerful tool you have to bypass the CF and communicate with your Subconscious is SELF-HYPNOSIS.

Yes, you can easily learn and apply the dynamic technique known as Self-Hypnosis. Yes, you can use it to direct the powerful resources of your Subconscious Mind to accomplish your goals.

There is no faster or better way to improve and empower your life.

That's a quote from the book Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis by Dr. Joe H. Slate and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. Do you feel as if you're tossed around at the mercy of cruel fate or chance or luck? Do you feel like those who are undeserving get ahead while you're left behind? This book reveals how Self-Empowerment enables you to take charge of your own life and get ahead. You'll learn how to "transition" from other people or events controlling your life to having the life you really want, a life where you're finally in control and in which you make your own decisions. In this new life you'll discover that you can easily, effortlessly, and successfully change away from old unwanted behaviors and habits to new programs of health and betterment. You'll develop your innate powers to function for your greater growth and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities.

Simply stated, you were born to be great and become more than you are! This book shows you how.

Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis explains the powers of the Subconscious Mind in relation to your total conscious self, and shows you exactly how to put self-hypnosis to work in your life. It is complete with know-how and actual scripts to achieve specific goals, including how to:

  • Recover forgotten memories
  • Multiply mind power
  • Manage stress
  • Lose weight
  • Break unwanted habits
  • Gain health and fitness
  • Build self-confidence
  • Attract wealth and success
  • Improve your appearance

You'll also learn how to practice mutual hypnosis, work with a group mind, and even how to develop more advanced abilities like astral projection, meditation, spiritual development, and a great deal more.

Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis by Dr. Joe H. Slate and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke is just one book. Begin to change now by listening to your intuition. Perhaps another book might feel better to you. Listen to your heart as you think about these:

Hypnosis for Beginners by William W. Hewitt teaches you all the basics of how to hypnotize yourself and others and reach new levels of awareness and achievement. It shares exact ways to overcome phobias and fears, eliminate bad habits, improve your memory, release stress, discover past lives, achieve your goals, and more.

Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life, also by William W. Hewitt, shares how to make your own self-hypnosis recordings. All you have to do is listen to your own voice in complete privacy. It will trigger your Subconscious Mind to bring you more love, improve memory, understand dreams, enhance success, stop smoking, reduce stress, stimulate self-healing, and more.

Get Out of Your Way by Layton Park includes an original CD, so it's like "having a teacher give you personal instructions in the art and skill of hypnosis." You'll discover the universal laws of mind in the book and use the CD to put those laws into practice and achieve the goals you didn't achieve in the past. Your entire life can change as you manifest your needs and desires, leading to unlimited success.

Mind Magic by Marta Hiatt, PhD will explain how self-hypnosis is the magic doorway to improving your life and imagination is your key to the kingdom beyond that door. Use this book to attract love into your life, receive guidance from your higher self, achieve prosperity, obtain self-healing and stay healthy, and finally achieve that most desired of goals, cosmic consciousness!

Llewellyn Worldwide At the Forefront of Change for 110 Years
For over a century, Llewellyn Worldwide has provided the resources you need to make changes in your life and achieve your goals. When it comes to hypnosis, Llewellyn is a leader in publishing books that are practical, popular and thorough, sharing exactly what you need to know to become effective with self-hypnosis and make this skill your key to personal change.

Take a look in the mirror and give an honest appraisal of yourself. What don't you like? What would you like to change. What would you like to be? Then think about your goals. Where would you like to be and what would you like to be doing in five years? Ten years? Twenty?

Learning self-hypnosis
can make all of these things come true!

Now, take a moment and imagine yourself with optimum health. Imagine yourself as popular and having everything you want and need. See yourself having all the love in your life that you want. The sooner you start down the path to achieve all of this and more, the sooner it can be yours! Are you ready to gently walk down that path?

Yes, you know it's time for you to take that first step. It's time for you to begin making the changes and start on the path to becoming the person you want to be. It's time for you to start achieving all of your goals, all of your desires.

Take that first step now! All you have to do is order one or more of these books and start using them. Order right now while you're thinking about it.


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