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Using Apatite in Your Crystal Spells


Among the variety of stones most collected for metaphysical use, apatite does not rate highly on the list. Most people seek out the classic stones (like clear quartz, tiger eye, amethyst, and other semiprecious gems), and others may never have heard of apatite at all. And yet, apatite is a very common mineral. Its lesser popularity is probably because it does not have a long history of lore; its metaphysical uses are somewhat modern. Apatite is growing in popularity, however, and this is a stone that I believe anyone working with crystal magic should possess.

Apatite is more accurately described as a mineral group: calcium fluorine-chlorine hydroxyl phosphate, often with manganese and cerium. Basically, just think of it as a group of phosphate minerals. In fact, apatite is the main source of phosphorus, which is necessary for fertilizers. In addition, components of apatite also make up the enamel in teeth.

Although the name sounds like the word "appetite" (which is oddly appropriate given its connection with teeth), the name actually comes from the Greek apate, meaning "deceit" (because apatite was often confused with other stones like olivine, aquamarine, or beryl, all of which have a similar appearance). Apatite has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale, similar to that of glass, so its use in jewelry is somewhat limited. But, even though it's not considered by most to be a semiprecious stone, gem-like specimens of apatite do exist and are quite striking. You can find apatite jewelry in the form of beads and faceted stones as well.

Apatite has a hexagonal structure and often occurs in shades of blue to bluish-gray or violet, yellow to pale green, and sometimes pink and orange. The variety in appearance of this stone is due to the many different mineral mixtures that can be present in the group. Some collectors have dubbed certain specimens of green apatite "asparagus stone."

I found my first piece of apatite at a gem and mineral show; it's a yellowish crystal that caught my eye immediately. At that time, I was one of those who had never heard of this mineral, but once I saw it, I knew it had to become part of my collection. My second and most recent piece was acquired on a trip to California. At the beach in Santa Cruz a young woman was selling hand-made jewelry and I bought a piece of pale green apatite wrapped in copper wire. Now I have one that's ready to wear!

Apatite's metaphysical uses include many nurturing qualities; this makes sense—simply think of the use of phosphorus as fertilizer. Use apatite to enhance intuition, meditation, creativity, teaching, service to others, insight, clarity, and the higher self. Also, apatite can be used to enhance the qualities of other stones. Astrologically, apatite is associated with Gemini and Aquarius.

For spells, you can carry a loose stone, wrap it in a bundle, or wear it if you're fortunate to have a piece of jewelry. To cleanse your stone, allow it to sit in sunlight for a full day or rest the stone on a bed of sea salt for twenty-four hours during a waning moon phase. Choose whichever method is most convenient for you or the one that best fits the needs of your particular spell.

Three Apatite Spells
Below are are spells you can use with apatite. Of them, the first one is receptive and intended for self, while the second is projective, enhancing your ability to help others. Both of these spells are peaceful and nurturing. You may use the sunlight or salt cleansing method for either of these. The third is a spell to use apatite to increase the effectiveness of other minerals that you're using.

  1. Apatite Spell to Enhance Creativity, Intuition, and Insight

    Begin by holding the stone in your receptive hand. Visualize your intent and chant:
    From the depths let wisdom come,
    to the message I succumb.
    Words and visions, thoughts profound—
    I discover; I am bound.
    Carry the stone with you, wear it, or keep it on your altar or in the room where you meditate, do spell work, etc. You may wish to hold or wear the stone while you meditate or while performing divination. Consider, too, storing a piece of apatite with your Tarot deck or sleeping with the stone under your pillow or inside your pillow case to encourage insightful dreams. Other uses for this spell include enhancing inspiration for any creative endeavor, such as art, writing, or music. In fact, anything you do that requires intuition or insight can benefit from this spell.
  2. Apatite Spell to Aid in Service and Helping Others

    For this spell, hold the stone in your projective hand. Visualize your intent and chant:
    I have the skill, I can relate,
    inspire, nurture, and create.
    I have the gift, my words ring true—
    My purpose now this stone renew.

    Carry the stone with you or wear it. In this case, wearing the stone so that it's visible will yield the best results. This spell is especially good for anyone in a service position or any time you're doing work to help others (this includes teaching of any kind, working with children, nursing or caring for others, or doing volunteer work.)
  3. To Enhance Other Stones Here's a spell to use apatite to increase the effectiveness of other minerals you're using.

    For this spell, charge your apatite stone using the sunlight method. When you're ready, place the apatite in a container with the stone or stones you wish to enhance. The best method for this spell is to put the container of stones in full sunlight for several hours during a waxing to full moon phase.

    Hold your projective hand over the container of stones and chant the following, visualizing the energy from the sun flowing through the apatite into the other stones.
    Sunlight soak and nurture through,
    Hear me now my purpose true:
    Qualities these stones possess
    Be enhanced by this process.

    After the stones have been in the sun for a few hours, take them inside to rest for another hour. Then, they're ready. After the stones you enhanced have been used in a spell, let them rest in a dish of salt or earth for a month before using them again. In addition, also let the apatite rest in the same manner after this process.

I hope apatite can become a regular part of your crystal magic practice and I wish you many hours of joy collecting and working with stones.

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