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5 Ways the Angels Help Us Make a Comeback

Tea Lights

February is a season of comebacks, and there are special light beings that help us rejoin the game of life on a new level.

The month begins with Imbolc, on February 2. Also known as Groundhog Day, this Pagan festival marks the halfway point of the Sun's climb up the sky from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox. The ancient Mayans believed that from this vantage, sunlight reaches into the dark earth and awakens the life essence lying dormant in buried seeds.

Earth begins her return to active life, as does the Goddess. In some remote areas of the Mexican countryside, an ancient practice called "cuarentena" is still in use. For 40 days after giving birth the mother stays indoors, resting and having special, nutritious foods that are served to her by others while she regains her strength. Imbolc, celebrated 40 days after Winter Solstice, marks the time of the Goddess' recovery from giving birth to the Winter Sun. Like a human mother returning to marital and worldly activity, she now makes her comeback.

Before this date was assimilated by the Church as Candlemas, the Celts would build fires in honor of Brigit, a dynamic, multi-talented goddess who was at once poet, metalworker, and healer. During the same dates, the Romans lit candles in honor of Juno-Februa, "the purifier." Mother of the god Mars, she could renew her virginity at will and her light was known to dispel evil.

Goddesses like these empowered the human spirit in its quest for progress. We can still call on them, particularly in those moments when—after a time of rest, stagnation, or darkness—we wish to re-enter the game of life.

Our personal Winter may have been simple or dramatic. Maybe a relationship ended; kids began grade school or if they were older, moved away for college. Maybe we recovered from prolonged illness. Perhaps a loved one passed on. For many, the pandemic has been like a dark season from which they are now awakening, or would like too. A business may have closed or morphed into a new version. Or our dark season may have been an inner process, like emotional growth or boredom with a familiar career.

Starting over triggers mixed emotions. The slate has been wiped clean and we're eager to try something different. At the same time, we may feel frightened of entering a new path, of not getting it right, or of being criticized or rejected. We may be overwhelmed by the work required, or we may feel lacking for expertise, time, or budget. Our primitive brain loves to keep us in a rut and will make us to stick to our comfort zone.

There are angels and goddesses that will support our comeback. Here are 5 ways we can connect with them.

  1. Set a clear intention.
    The simple act of clarifying what we want allows it to materialize in our world. After years of helping people create their intentions, I've discovered that many people have trouble doing this. For instance, they say, "I want a better job," or, "I want more money." General, vague statements aren't so effective. Clear, concrete statements begin to organize a quantum field that makes a space for their manifestation. For better results, we can create an image, such as, "I see myself teaching," or, "I see myself doing something creative and fun that helps people." For financial intentions, we can establish how much we wish to make a year or month, or say, "I see myself making three times what I was making in January of 2022."

    Angels help us go from general desires to clear intentions. Before defining yours, you can get in a quiet space with a pen and paper on hand, and repeat three times: Angels of intention, please help me define what I want and write it down in clear, concrete words that precipitate its manifestation.

  2. Gather knowledge.
    Often, when starting a new project—or a new life—we may feel unprepared. Indeed, starting over involves learning. This may seem ominous, like it's going to take too much time; we may feel too old, or that we don't know where to begin.

    Archangel Hophiel supports learning. To connect with him, get in a comfortable position. Closing your eyes, imagine a large, yellow angel standing before you. He has a book in one hand and sword in the other. If you can't "see" a clear image of a winged being, visualize a golden field of light as you repeat his name, "Hophiel." Feel his radiance flowing into your pineal gland (through the top of your nose between your eyebrows and about an inch and a half into your head), as you imagine him giving you a book, and repeat: Archangel Hophiel, please connect me the knowledge that forms part of my new project, and direct me to absorb it easily now. Follow up on this connection by paying attention to and acting the options that appear: a course, a coach, a book, and so on.

  3. Break through stereotypes and opinions.
    Do you feel labeled by peers or family members or limited by the collective mindset? If you are inspired to try something new and the opinions or beliefs of others weaken your conviction, invoke Archangel Michael. As you start your day, look towards the east (where the Sun rises) as you repeat the following invocation three times: Archangel Michael, please direct and hold me on my own new path, without or without the agreement or approval of others.

  4. Use your talents.
    Our intentions and guides help precipitate opportunities, and using them often requires a special effort to apply our talents. As I explain in my new book, Angels and Goddesses: Manifest Your Desires with Angelic Intelligence, Goddess Brigid will direct our efforts. Make a daily ritual of invoking her in the morning. Right after rising, light a red or cream-colored candle and repeat: Goddess Brigit, please enliven my confidence and direct me to apply my talents and ground the opportunities that flow for me, here and now and throughout this day.

  5. Purify your space.
    After night fall, light several tea candles and walk around your home or workspace as you place them in different spots and affirm: I call on the angels of comebacks to strengthen my radiance, energy, and confidence and dispel contrary energies, so I may grow, shine, and prosper in the current phase of my life! Continue to walk around, distributing the tea lights and affirming this way for 10-20 minutes. As you do, visualize angels floating around with burning lights.

Use these tools during February or whenever you wise to make a comeback of sometime. Call on the angels and goddesses. You may be surprised at the difference they'll bring to your energy and life. For more tools (prosperity, self-esteem, healing, and much more) see my new book, Angels & Goddesses: Manifest Your Desires with Angelic Intelligence.

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