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Why Some Souls Remain Earthbound—And How to Identify Their Presence

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When we die, most of us cross successfully into the spirit world with our loving guide, angel helpers, and, in some cases, loved ones in spirit by our sides. Once we have safely crossed to the spirit world, we are accompanied by our guide and loved ones to the life review to see how we have accomplished our spiritual lessons while on earth, and commence our karmic cycle once again. Unfortunately, this does not always go well, and some spirits become lost or refuse to cross over for various reasons.

Part of my life's work as a spiritual medium is releasing these earthbound spirits from entrapment from the earth's plane. This is called spirit rescue. This can be done easily over the phone if the client lives interstate or overseas. If I have time, I will go to the home, building, or land area with another energy worker or dowser and meet the client. Once I have located the spirit or spirits in question, I will call in my spirit team for assistance, use protection, and open a portal of light. I will tell the spirit that it is dead, command it to leave, and tell it to look into the light, as its loved ones are waiting for them on the other side. This does not take long; within seconds or sometimes minutes, the unwanted spirit will be pulled back into the spirit world where it belongs for the healing process. Once this is completed, the lost soul cannot come back and starts its karmic journey back into the spirit world. The client will generally comment how they and the area around them feels brighter, lighter, and back to normal again. Some clients may also experience tingles of energy on their skin, and see little white lights all around them with the energy shift once the clearing is done.

Why Are Some Lost Souls Earthbound?
There are several reasons why a spirit has not crossed; below are a few of these reasons.

  1. An accidental death
  2. A suicide (it must be noted that not all suicides refuse to cross; they are a small minority)
  3. Fear; they do not want to cross over because of some illogical reason
  4. Religious beliefs (e.g., perhaps they have done something bad and think they are going to hell or that God will punish them)
  5. An obsessive love or greed for the material world and earthly possessions
  6. They simply do not understand that they have actually died, and are trying to continue living as if they would if they were still on the earthly plane
  7. There are some that may remain on the physical plane in an effort to ensure the safety of particular loved ones
  8. There may be a strong connection to a particular place, person, or item
  9. The earthbound spirit may think it has an obligation to stay for some reason or to deliver a message
  10. The spirit may be too frightened to leave with its guardian, angel, or loved one

Where Can Earthbound Spirits Be Found?
Earthbound spirits are literally everywhere, and can be seen or felt by sensitive souls and mediums that have abilities. They generally are known to be found in homes and offices, and also around large groups of people, as they need our energy, or prana, to stay here. Examples of these locations include hospitals, railway stations, shopping malls, busy airports, schools or universities, homes where they once lived, and old theaters, to name a few. They are rarely found in abandoned graveyards or empty homes where nobody lives, except where there may have been a murder (as it is their last memory).

How Do You Know If You Have a Lost Spirit in Your Home?
If you have a lost soul or earthbound spirit in your home, it will not go unnoticed, as you will have quite a few issues. It is not just your imagination; you will feel the energy and know something is just not right. Some of the issues or problems you may encounter include:

  • Your home will feel colder and unpleasant in certain areas; no matter what you do, the energy will be insufferable, heavy, and unbearable. You will be frustrated by bad luck and with things going unexplainably wrong all the time. There will be a bad or "off" smell.
  • Most of the inhabitants, including any pets, will feel tired; they may have colds, flus, or other unexplained illnesses. They will also feel stuck in their lives and there will be problems in relationships, with continual fights, arguments, or disagreements because of the negative and imbalanced energy.
  • The home or space will almost be impossible to renovate or sell because of constant delays and interference.
  • You many also have unexplained or continual problems with electricity or water and drainage.
  • There may be unusual sounds or knocks, invisible footsteps, things disappearing, and constant confusion.
  • You will definitely feel the presence of something supernatural or "off," including goosebumps, chills, and the feeling that you are being watched. Some people will experience scratches on their body, or feel like they are being attacked while they sleep or wake up.
  • With a poltergeist type of spirit, things may be continually moved, objects may be hidden or thrown, sounds like tapping or rappings on the walls can be heard, and doors may open and close themselves. You many hear names being called out or noises like talking or crying. This type of spirit can be a real nuisance; often it can be the spirit of a child or younger person, depending on the case.

Types of Lost Souls

  1. Earthbound Souls
    These are spirits that go back to a familiar place that they once knew while alive, such as the home in which they lived. In most cases, they do not understand that they are actually dead, and because of this they have no desire to pass over. Imagine what it would be like when they find someone else strange, living in their home! In some cases, I have found that they have a very strong intelligence and do not want to pass over.

  2. Wandering Spirits
    Wandering spirits are earthbound spirits that are lost and like to follow people around. Some of these spirits can come from accidents or other sudden deaths. These types of spirits not only follow ordinary people, but also younger mediums or psychics—these people seem to attract these lost souls because of the light in their aura. This light or energy we have as mediums can act as a beacon of warmth to lost souls living in a very grey world.

  3. Residual Hauntings
    This is an interesting type of supernatural experience, as it is not an actual spirit but a recording of specific energy. As everything on the planet is made of energy, energy cannot be destroyed. It is believed that in a location where a person or persons released a large amount of energy or in which heightened emotions were experienced, the energy embeds itself, leading to a type of recording of the events. This in turn keeps going on, or repeating itself, like a loop that creates a ghost effect. These are known as residual hauntings, and are very common in historical places. This is the most common type of haunting that mainstream paranormal researchers will recognize and study.

  4. Interference Energy
    Interference energy is like a portal or small tornado vortex which creates a spiritual opening to another dimension. If left open it can work as an open door to unwelcomed guests or spirits from the astral world. This can be easily dealt with by being closing the portal; once closed, the property will be restored to its natural energetic balance.

  5. Demonic Energy
    As with everything in the world, there is always evidence of light and dark. Sometimes earthbound spirits are not confused but rather are simply malevolent and can wreak havoc and chaos in our lives and the home (especially if they are summoned). I have seen a few cases of this dark type of energy occur when untrained people use Ouija/spirit boards, which can open doors to other dimensions. (Ouija boards are excellent tools in the right hands, but can be dangerous as they can also stimulate poltergeist activity.) Dark energy is also very active at murder sites, jails, or homes/places that have been involved in a horrendous crime. This paranormal activity is not good, but is easy to remove when working with the light and prayer, as light energy is more powerful than dark.

  6. Spirit Orbs
    Have you ever noticed tiny orbs of light darting around certain places? You don't have to be a psychic to see orbs—you just need to be aware that they do exist and can appear all around us. Once you are aware of such phenomena, then it is possible to see them (especially with a camera, as they will be picked up more easily by the lens). Orbs are actually spirit life-forms with their own intelligence that travel around; they are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. Sometimes, depending on the size of the orb, if you look closely, you may also be able to see a tiny face inside. Different types of Spirit Orbs include:
    • Ghost Orbs: Ghost orbs are bigger, thicker, darker, and denser in appearance than spirit orbs or nature orbs. They appear to have a thicker texture but are harder to see and are not as common as spirit or nature orbs. They are evidence you have a lost soul in your home or space.

    • Spirit Orbs: Spirit orbs are usually lighter and brighter and can vary in shape and size. Some appear as tiny pin pricks or can be as large as an apple or an orange. They are beautiful to look at, and some people call them angels. When you look closely you can often see little faces. Spirit orbs are our loved ones or friends from the other side, or healing guides or spirit doctors. These orbs are totally harmless and capable of continuing a full spiritual existence on the other side with full mental and emotional faculties intact, unlike the ghost orbs. They are to let us know their love is eternal and that they are watching over us.

    • Nature Orbs: Nature orbs seem to accumulate in large groups and, as the name indicates, you will find them out in nature. These elemental spirits are incredibly healing, and there are four types: salamanders, sylphs, earth spirits, and undines. Each is different but all co-exist in harmony and are active anywhere on the planet where there is an abundance of grass, flowers, trees, water, or other wildlife. They dislike human interference such as the dumping of garbage, and can become disruptive if we make too many changes to or destroy too much of the surrounding natural environment. I always seek permission from the nature spirits if I want to make changes to my landscape in my own garden. It is also a good idea to make a tiny fairy garden in your yard, as the nature spirits will always heal sick plants if you place them there. Place a birdbath with water in your garden to increase harmony and bring in good fortune.
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