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No Mirror Spells, Please!

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on September 22, 2009 | Comments (64)

One of the most common discussions I’ve had (or seen) about magick concerns psychic attack. I deal with this in Modern Magick, and point out that I agree with concept that Denning and Phillips present in their book Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense, that real psychic attacks are rare. After all, if someone has the ability to use magick to cause you major problems, they also have the ability make major improvements in their lives. If somebody is really going to waste the time, energy, and effort to try and give you a headache or have you lose a job rather than improve their own situation, then they’re idiots and probably can’t do anything anyway.

Sometimes, we misinterpret events and think something common is a psychic attack. A series of colds or what we consider to be a trail of misfortune may be from our own doing or just coincidence.

That brings me to the discussion of “mirror spells.” The idea of a mirror spell seems to make sense. It’s called a mirror spell because it reflects any negativity back onto the person or persons who sent it. It’s instant karma, right? They’re only getting what they sent, right? They’re only getting what they deserve, right?


Mirror spells, in my opinion, are not advisable for at least three reasons.

1) Sometimes we create our own problems. For example, a bad diet, lack of sleep, the use of alcohol and recreational drugs can lower the efficiency of your immune system, resulting in one illness after another. If you think the repeated ailments are caused by an outside force and perform a mirror spell to return the negative energy to it’s source, you’re actually going to be attacking yourself. I don’t believe that’s anyone’s intent. It certainly wouldn’t be in your best interest!

2) Sometimes we are effected by a stream of energy directed unintentionally against us. For example, a person’s partner breaks up with them. First that person feels sadness from the loss. This may change to lack of belief: “How could s/he?!” And that emotion might change to anger and rage: “How dare s/he?!” The person ends up stomping around their room thinking angry, rage-filled thoughts. This pacing, a method of raising energy known as “circumambulation,” unconsciously forms what the Golden Dawn called a “Vortex of Energy” or what many Pagans refer to as a “Cone of Power” (see The Grimoire of Lady Sheba, for example). This could unconsciously send the energy linked to the anger toward a person the “attacker” never would have consciously harmed. In fact, that might be the last thing they would ever do. Were a mirror spell turned on a person who unconsciously did this it would be punishing a person who had no conscious intention of causing harm. They only thought they were acting out their rage. Is it fair to harm someone who meant no harm? I don’t think so.

3) Many Pagans believe in the “law of three,” that what you send out will return to you three-fold. Even if you don’t go that far, one of the basic concepts of magick is that if you do X, Y will happen. Therefore, whatever you do comes back to you in some way.

If a person does something to harm you, it will eventually come back to them. When I lived in San Diego I knew a Pagan woman who told me she used to be a Satanist. She admitted that she used to attack other people. She claimed she knew her psychic attack had worked when something bad happened to her. It took her some time to see the futility of what she was doing, but she eventually figured it out.

If you perform a mirror spell you are consciously deciding to send negative energy to someone. Frankly, this is no different than a psychic attack with an added “But he hit me first!” cry heard so often from a child.

So to avoid harming yourself, harming someone who never consciously would harm you, or incurring negative karma that will bounce back on you, I suggest avoiding mirror spells. Does this mean you should just leave yourself wide open to attack? Of course not! I’ll be discussing what you can do in future posts.

Have you ever performed a mirror spell? What was the result? Was it effective or did you end up punishing yourself?

Reader Comments

Written By Rachell
on September 29th, 2015 @ 3:34 pm

2 or more witches stole my 2 black jackets and a makeup mirror about the size of a melon from my purse. I am a Christian and I know that they put a curse on me at the church tent now after they stole that I have had a huge headache. They don’t know that I know they are witches but I know. Is there anything I can do to stop this

Written By Nessie
on October 3rd, 2015 @ 11:02 am

Hi, so I have a FEW questions. First of all we have really mean and sadistic neighbors that live not only across the street from us but also next door to us. Now, these neighbors have spread lies about us, slandered my good name on social media, took great pleasure in shooting a firework rocket in my direction during the Fourth of July and laughed when I phoned the police and asked for patrol of the block, then they proceeded to tell my father to burn in hell, called my brothers retards and then caused my mother a stress induced heart attack. They hit my best friend’s car and lied about it, accused us of things we never did and then caused inflammatory statements and lies to be spread across the neighborhood…But I am supposed to turn the other cheek? I’ve turned it so many times it’s raw, we had to have our fence taken down because of these people and when we fell on hard times they told us that all we ever wanted was handouts. These individuals have made our lives a living hell and it’s completely unfair. Now, my mother was put there in front of our house when my friend came over to show us his car had been fixed, so we’re the jerky neighbors. When we saw it my mother said, as the neighbors were eavesdropping on our conversation, “that’s okay, karma is a bitch and she’ll stay as long as she wants” . They had hit this kid’s car who lives on social security disability and got away with it. After my mom said that, and no there was no evil or vindictive or malicious intent behind it, everything started happening back to that neighbor in 3s. Her car was hit while the babysitter was driving it, her friend passed away (and yes I think that’s awful) in a car accident and every time she went to work she would see 666 in her truck. Now, my mother never NEVER wished I’ll upon this person. And this person also still hasn’t learned their lesson because all that karma that happened was BEFORE they gave my mother the heart attack. So, I was advised by someone at a spiritual metaphysical store to take their pictures and put them in between two small mirrors with the glass facing them and then tie either a black ribbon or a red ribbon around it. She claimed it wasn’t binding but rather a simple spell to speed up karma. I see no harm in doing this and simply saying ” everything that you have done or will do to me and my family whether it is good or bad will come back to you times 3″ I am not wishing them ill and the intent is pure…so should I do this or continue to live I misery and pray they move?

Written By Dawn
on October 25th, 2015 @ 11:00 am

Mirrors in a box: This is interesting. The act of it and the true feeling and intentions behind it are the fuel. However it is technically a commonly use “Send it back” mirror spell. It I believe is really about the true intentions you concentrate on and intend. What works one way for one will work differently for the next, different fingerprints and all. So the physical ritual really is not important so much as how “you” do it, or intended while doing it.Our word is paramount, words are powerful, and even a picture formed in your mind has power, because we think in words at the very heart of everything. That being said, secrecy is important, do not tell someone when you are working on a spell because without even knowing they are word casting they might have a simple, unintentional phrase “won’t work” innocently pop in their head that could weaken your word without them even knowing or intending it. (Only one of the many secrecy reasons)

Written By Francis Onuoha
on November 18th, 2015 @ 7:13 pm

I have been under witch attack for two years now. It comes in the day time as a sensation, before leaving some marks on my body. Please, how do i know the person doing this and how do I fight against it?

Written By Francis Onuoha
on November 18th, 2015 @ 7:17 pm

Again, how can I do this mirror spell? Is there any other spell available?

Written By Jehad Jarada
on December 28th, 2015 @ 12:49 am

I am in danger some body is using a mirror I can fell it in my body my life I never heart any one but some one trying to heart me and my family please help me I want to know what to do to block this please .. I am sorry if I can’t explained right My English is not good

Written By Tamara
on February 8th, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

I did have a very jealous person put luck money and health spell on me, very strong in may add. I thought about a mirror spell but I decided to remove the energy by sending it out to the univrse. I decided that those who dabble in black Magick dance with the devil an r weak in the first place. With that being said, when u dabble in black Magick u r making a pack with the devil an he may bring urban desire to life but he will take something in return. This woman doesn’t even realize she made her own father sick! Yet I am steal dealing with her negativity an issue know that when I leave this job her true colors will show, but until then I have created a spell to freeze her negativity towards me until I find another job.. It is a horrific situation to deal with. I have forgave her, I even feel sorry for her but I have to deal with her until God moves me to my next job..

Written By Ecyoj
on March 26th, 2016 @ 11:16 am

I do think that mirror shield is the best self defense. It does work. It protect all of us fully. Some people intends to hurt you and you just put on a protective mirror shield. If that person intends doing good for me and the shield will just return good things to him or otherwise he sees what he has done for me. This is the best and the only way that can stop the sender doing harm to others anymore! if i do not protect myself then it becomes my own default. The intention of the mirror shield is to reveal truths only. The rule of three or karma applies to the sender who aims to hurt us. They will never understand the karma unless we use the mirror shield.

Written By Ericka
on May 31st, 2016 @ 4:10 pm

Witchcraft? Self empowerment? Witchcraft is a way of life. I was born to be whom I am and that is a witch. It has nothing to do with empowering myself. I work to better others, help others. When it comes to myself the only protection that I need is when I am about to bless a home, cast my spells or fight demons. It in my eyes is very selfless. I am reading here many whom look to be leaning towards a dark place, darker self centered magic. I do hope you have the strength for such deception. Your ignorance is only bliss until that moment when you realize that you have had no powers after all, and that you have let arrogance make you a tool, a pawn for much bigger uglier things that are not of this realm to wreak there havoc on our plane. Don’t let your arrogance deny you any true power. True witches of good know better. We do not use our gift to power ourselves, we use our gift to help others.

Written By Ericka
on May 31st, 2016 @ 4:25 pm

My mate just gave so many of you a wonderful label…you are “Witches by the devils hand”

Written By Tutaj
on July 10th, 2016 @ 11:11 am

Hi. Many thanks for your post. Looking forward for more:-). Best regards!

Written By BunneyRed
on August 3rd, 2016 @ 9:19 pm

Not understanding the strong feelings against reflecting energy back to its sender. Has anyone here ever played handball? You smack a small round ball into a wall, and it bounces back to you. You can dodge it or smack it back to the wall. But no matter how many times you smack it back, it will come back to you. Until you decide to simply catch the ball and stop, or, lose track and get hit. It is not the walls intention to harm you. It was simply there. Minding its business. Having a spell returned to you is not an action of ill intent. Especially if it is a “returning” spell. I have never personally used candle majick or mirror spells. But I have definitely deflected energies back to their sender. Where it belongs. Im not in the business of holding on to something that does not belong to me. And same as I would swat at a fly to get it to leave my personal space, I will deflect energies that are designed to cause me harm. If that person experiences, in return, the pain or negativity they intented for me, then they have learned a valuable lesson. If not, well thats good for them. Either way. No one is going to tell me that I should just sit back and allow an attack of negativity. Or to just have unwanted attentions floating around my space, clogging up all my good air. Some people are meant to be fighters/warriors amd some are not. Honestly there is no need for one to bash the other for their path. I do not feel a need to diminish the strength of one who chooses to not fight back or defend themselves. And I ask, on behalf of myself and those who do defend themselves, that the same respect be given. Rememner that Malcolm X also effected great change. He was a fighter, and yet, both he and Dr. King was murdered in the same exact way. They also respected one another despite their differences in method. We should do the same. Blessings.

Written By Bridget Holland
on January 2nd, 2017 @ 1:49 am

I’m under a mirror attack sent by my ex. Its taking its toll on me and he also sent it to my daughter and grandson. My 2 month old grandson is very I’ll my daughter almost died at child birth. Crazy stuff happens to me I can’t even make friends because I’m strange to them. That’s what he said would happen to. I didn’t believe at first but I’m terrified now. He’s so evil and his song for me when we were together was umbrella. I told someone and they told me to look it up and put Illuminati in it. Now I’m Bella stressed and on top of that watching the crazy videos Beyonce Adelle and so many more do. I’m overstimulated and under slept and losing my mind.

Written By Livingwitch
on February 4th, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

Also you realize that not all witches are wiccan and that witches who have received their knowledge through traditions going back generations via indigenous cultures follow this “three fold law” right? I mean why are you trying to whitewash witchcraft. Of course you think about the actions you take. Of course you think about what it is you are trying to do, and word your spells very carefully, but to essentially take something that has been with the occult for so long like mirror magic that can be used for various reasons and degrade it. C’mon! I stopped paying attention to your books long ago for this reason I just happened upon this article while google searching something else and had to see what you wrote. Stop taking the craft out of witchcraft would you.

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