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Tarot Annual

Some of you may remember Llewellyn’s Tarot Calendar, 2000-2001, or our tarot almanac, The Tarot Reader, 2006-2008. Sadly, while they were awesome (in my opinion), they didn’t quite work. But at Llewellyn we love annuals and we love tarot, so we never really let go of the desire to create some sort of tarot annual. […]

And So It Begins…

“And so it begins…” is a line from one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Babylon 5. The line refers to the manifestation of violence—in the case of Babylon 5, an interstellar war—that results from events that already occurred. As a magician, and knowing that I have the ability to change my reality, I have […]

San Diego 9-12 Thank You All!

I want to thank all the people at Pagan Pride San Diego (especially Scheduling Committee Chairwoman Cari) for their hospitality and for the wonderful time I had there. I gave a talk on three future trends for magick, met lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a year or more, and made lots of new […]

Psychic Abilities and Tarot

Do you ever do readings that feel different from your usual readings? You know, when everything flows together and there is a kind of divine brilliance? Answers and insights you couldn’t imagine coming from your mouth just spill out, almost as if you were channeling some super-wise being? I’ve had a few of those…and with […]

Stand up and be counted!

More than 20 years since the survey that informed Voices from the Pagan Census was circulated, researcher Helen Berger, now working with James R. Lewis and Henrik Bogdan, is conducting a new and updated census of Pagans around the world. Besides demographic information, the survey touches on what “type” of Pagan you are and what […]

“The Moon upon her fluent route/Defiant of a road…”

At twenty-three weeks pregnant, I am beginning to contemplate more and more my upcoming role as mother. So of course I look to the moon. Even as a child I associated the moon with mother. The face in the moon was not ‘The Man in the Moon’, but  Jesus’s mother, Mary. As an astrologer, I […]

Don’t Make This Mythtake

According to the Religion News Blog, Utah senator Bob Bennet is researching “whether the book Mormons believe was revealed by an angel to their founder Joseph Smith in the 1820s [the Book of Mormon] is authentic.” By “authentic” is meant literally true, both in the information given in the book and in the way the book […]

Buddhists 1, Wiccans 0

In exciting news for minority faiths, USA Today reports on the first Buddhist chaplain of the US Army. For those of you who keep up with the news, you’ll remember that back in 2007 one military chaplain who tried to change his denomination from Pentecostal to Wicca was not only denied, but removed from the […]

Rethinking Mercury Retrograde, the Trickster and Teacher

We are told that Mercury Retrograde is generally not the time to start something new. We certainly should avoid beginning projects or dealing with any form of technology. So why did Llewellyn decide to launch its new website? I was thinking of this, and decided it wasn’t such an inauspicious beginning. Mercury Retrograde is not as […]

Tarot in Daily Life

Because tarot is my job (as well as one of my passions), it plays a huge role in my daily life. Almost every day I’m thinking about, using, and writing about tarot: writing blog entries, articles, or reviews, analyzing projects for possible publication, reading forums and blogs, working on my own books, planning conferences and […]