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The Holiday Season

As we come to the Winter Solstice, it is interesting that so many cultures around the world have found this astronomical event to be so important to their spiritual systems. Certainly it was important for ancient cultures, as the hope for a return of the Sun and the eventual growth of plants and increase in […]

Bon Bons

Recently one of my friends on Facebook commented that some tarot decks are like dessert and some are like the main course. That might explain a lot about why I like certain decks. If you were to read my Facebook page, you’d see equal posts about cookies, cakes, and cupcakes that I am baking as […]

Creepiest Places to Spend the Night

Darkness falls and creepiness ensues. As a child, I was always petrified to sleep in my room by myself because the shadow of the pine trees caused by the yard light looked like an arm trying to get through my window. I’d play in my room all day, but as soon as it was dark and the […]

What’s On Your Wish List?

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I am often asked for a wish list, which I (being a lover of many things) have no trouble providing. In the spirit of dreaming and wishing, I am asking you dear readers to let me know what cards from any Llewellyn or Lo […]

Podcast With Me Now Available

Thanks to the miracle of podcasting, wherever you are in the world you can tune in and hear me interviewed on a wide variety of magickal topics. Interestingly, this blog is on servers based out of Minnesota, I’m in California, and the interviewers were in England. (Well, I found it interesting.) The podcast is episode […]

Take Good Care of Your Moon Sign

Born on August 22 (I won’t disclose the year), I was born on the cusp of the sun signs Leo and Virgo. I chose to enter this world at 7:15 am on that particularly hot day. That said, I was born almost a full four weeks premature; had I been born on my original planned […]

Two Things I Won’t Do

In Modern Magick, I discussed how to use a divination to prevent doing something that could have unwanted negative results. I wrote that the real reason that sensible magicians don’t do magick that can negatively effect you is not really because it’s “evil” or “black magick,” but because it would be foolish to do something […]

Tarot and Creativity

I did it! Using tarot cards, I actually wrote a novel. Well, very nearly. I wrote the required 50K by November 30 and before this week is up,  I’ll have finished the story. The process was very interesting. I used Corrine Kenner’s Tarot for Writers to get started. I created characters using the spreads in […]