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Training for Visualization

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on January 8, 2010 | Comments (2)

In my last blog post I described visualization as a process of mental magick where you create things on the non-physical astral plane so your creation will eventually manifest on the physical plane. While actually being able to see things on the astral plane is not necessary for visualization to be effective, it can be beneficial to this process. Here are some easy exercises for developing that visual component as well as improving concentration.

Needed: a timer and four cards. The cards should be pure white with no lines. On the first card place a large black spot, and on the second place two spots side by side. On the third card make a row of three spots and on the fourth card, a similar row of four spots. A black marker is perfect for making such cards, although if you are comfortable using graphic programs on your computer, you may wish to create your cards that way.


Set the timer for five minutes. Look at Card One until you have a very good idea of that single spot. Burn it into your mind. Now close your eyes and only think of that spot. You will see in your mind’s eye an image of the card. It may not be perfect. It may be reversed or a shade of what you saw. That’s exactly what it should be.

This is not some magickal power, it is physiological. The mind records an image and holds onto it as an “afterimage.” In this exercise we are working with it to attune your mind to improve its visualization abilities. If the image in your mind begins to drift to a side, just let it return to the center of your focus. If any other thoughts come into your mind, simply bring back your focus to that one spot. Cease the exercise when you can no longer see the spot or when the timer goes off. Your goal in this exercise is to keep that single spot visualized in one location for five minutes while you allow nothing to interfere with your concentration. Practice once or twice daily.

When you have very few breaks in your concentration, move on to Card Two with the two spots and repeat the exercise. Continue this practice until you can keep the two spots in your mind for the full five minutes. When you can do this with Card Three and then Card Four and its four dots, you will have excellent visualization skills and discover that your ability to concentrate will have greatly improved.

Although this exercise sounds easy, it is not. The first time I tried it, I broke out into a sweat and was drenched within five minutes. Do not underestimate its difficulty.

Some of you may discover that no matter how strong your visualization work is, you may not get your desired result. It is most likely that this is not because of the failure of visualization, but because of its success.


As I have often stated, Magick isn’t something you do. Magick is something you are. Magick is not limited to the times when you perform a ritual or cast a spell. Magick, especially mental magick, is going on all the time, 24/7. If you spend five minutes doing magick to improve your finances then spend the rest of the day worrying about paying bills, making ends meet, having a better life, getting a better-paying job, etc., you are unconsciously doing mental magick in opposition to the consciously desired mental magick visualization. Five minutes of conscious magickal work vs. five hours of unconscious magickal work. Which do you think will win?

So beside doing the actual magick, the visualization, it’s also important to keep you mind off of contrary thoughts. As one commercial says, “set it and forget it.” If you find yourself beginning to dwell on thought that oppose your magick, take a deep breath, smile, and start thinking about the success you’re going to have.

You will succeed.

Reader Comments

Written By TRICIA
on January 8th, 2010 @ 1:47 pm

lets try this


Written By Blackbird
on January 12th, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

I will have to try this, visualization has never been a strong suit. I was suprised though that the 3rd and 4th cards did not contain a Triangle or Square. Still once one has mastered this series (say by 2013 for me:) One might try making some Sacred Geometry cards, no? BB.

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