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#100; Wording Divination Questions; Upcoming Appearances

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on April 19, 2010 | Comments (0)

Good Advice?

In my last post I offered suggestions as to what a young person who wants to learn magick might do if his or her parents have forbidden such studies. People responded with their ideas, including:
• Reading, experimenting, and finding out what feels right
• do a lot of reading
• meditation
• qigong
• Yoga, and journaling

Those are all great ideas for someone who is allowed or able to do them. However, I was giving advice to someone who is not allowed to do such things. On the other hand I strongly agree with Liz who wrote, “Hang on to your dreams, no matter what you may hear.”

No Winner

In my last post I offered a prize for anyone who could guess what “something special” would happen with this blog. Unfortunately, nobody guessed the answer. The solution: This is my 100th post. This blog has only been going since last July, and I hope you’ve received value from it. The best is yet to come!

Wording Divination Questions

I find it interesting that similar questions seem to come in groups. Recently, I’ve been receiving questions about divinations before doing magick. The main problem seems to be with the wording of the questions being asked.

I always advise against asking simple yes-or-no questions. This is especially true when asking about performing some magickal ritual or spell. The reason for this is actually rather simple. If you ask, “Should I do this ritual or spell,” you’re going to be basing your actions on rocks (runestones), interpreting symbols (skrying, tea leaf reading, etc.) or pictures on paper (Tarot). If you do this you’re giving up your freedom and responsibility to inanimate objects. You’ll be disempowering yourself. This is like the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Nick of Time,” where William Shatner plays a young man who, with his wife, are stuck in a small town following the instructions of a fortune-tellling machine at a cafe.

Instead, I suggest that you word your question in this manner: “What will be the result of doing this ritual (or spell)?” In this way you use your divination for advice, not orders. If the divination is negative, you can redesign the rite so the result won’t be bad. If the divination is positive, you may be able to refine the spell so it will be even more effective. The important thing is that the responsibility for your actions remains yours. The choice of what to do remains yours. This is empowering rather than diminishing.

Upcoming Appearances

I’ll soon be visiting Tennessee, and I hope to “see” some of you at one of my appearances there. My first appearance will be at the Pagan Unity Festival, May 13-16. For details see: http://paganunityfestival.org/

I’ll be giving two workshops. One will be on Psychic Self-Defense. The other will be on the Evocation of Spirits. These will be fully computer illustrated.

Other speakers you might know include Edain McCoy, Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, Dorothy Morrison, and M.R. Sellars. Of course, there will also be lots of other workshops, music, rituals, dances, vendors, great people, and fun.

On September 24-26 I’ll be back in Tennessee for Spirit Fest. http://www.spiritfesttn.com/  The web page (and the festival) is new and there will be more information added to it.

Because this is a new festival I’ll be giving a brand new workshop, unlike anything I’ve offered to the occult community. It’s called,

Overcome Any Fear—Reach Any Goal

And it will take pace over two days.
Day1 consists of a 2 hours “funshop” (with 1 break).
Day 2 will last 4 hours with (2 breaks)

This entire method is based around the concept of the “Time Line.” Each of us, unconsciously, has a time line going from past, through the present, to the future. If your Time Line has a fear or a failure embedded within it, it will literally lead you to keeping that fear and manifesting that failure. Right now, because you don’t know about the Time Line, it literally controls you. In this workshop you’ll learn simple methods that will put you in complete control of your Time Line. Remove that fear and it will be gone forever. Install success and everything you do will lead you to success.

It may sound fantastic and unbelievable, but thousands of people are using these techniques all over the world. Usually, they pay $350–$600+ just to learn these methods. At this new festival you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques plus participate in all the other festival events.

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