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Sun Enters Cancer

This post was written by Anna
on June 21, 2010 | Comments (2)

Cancer, The Crab
June 21 to July 22

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruler: Moon

Keywords: Receptive, patient, intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, imaginative

As a Cancer, you are known for your nurturing nature; you will do your best to make others feel secure, and will go to great lengths to ensure that you have strong family relationships and a warm and welcoming home. You are often very emotional, being ruled by the watery moon; you must be careful, as you are very intuitive and can pick up on energy and vibes (both positive and negative) from others around you.

You are devoted to those in your inner circle of friends; while that circle may not be that wide,  you cherish your friends and open to them a side you may never show the outer world. You may be a tad uncomfortable when meeting new people. Family relationships are highly important to you, and you will not only have deep emotional ties (whether good or bad) with your family members but will also likely want a family of your own. You need the security of a personal relationship, but you may have a hard time finding that right person. Don’t hold on to a relationship (or a grudge) when it sours. You will likely be rewarded with a lasting love if you are able to move on and keep searching. A Capricorn (your opposite sign) or another water sign (Scorpio or Pisces) could make a good match.

Leadership and independence are highly important to you,  no matter what career path you choose; few Cancers will be satisfied with a career that finds them sitting behind a desk. You look for opportunities to learn in the workplace. Financial security is just as important to you as is emotional security. Home ownership is a biggie, and you are a pro at bargain hunting. You have a tendency to become miserly, no matter how much money you have; remember that what you give comes back to you many times over, and be generous with others.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: Knowledge is my path to success.

  • Jupiter in Pisces (your ninth house) makes 2010 a year to expand your horizons, whether it be through travel, learning, or some other avenue.
  • Jupiter’s visit to your tenth house (Aries) of career this summer, between June and September, creates a time when networking is needed in the workplace. Do what you can to increase your career skills and knowledge, and 2011 could see some great career strides for you.
  • Saturn will make its final exact alignment with Uranus in Pisces across your Third/Ninth house axis. Ongoing legal issues may be settled, though not necessarily in your favor. This is a very inopportune time to initiate any legal action or have it brought against you.
  • Saturn in Libra will cause an interruption of your family life over the next few years. You may need to care for an elderly relative or find an adult child moving back in.
  • Pluto in Capricorn (your seventh house) highlights your relationships. Some will be positive, while others will be quite negative, but either way you will learn more about relationships and your role in them. This transit is more about you and learning from relationships than it is about the other people in your life.

Reader Comments

Written By sulla davis
on July 14th, 2010 @ 9:03 am

Since I’m a Cancer I’ll make this query again, tho one has nothing to do with the other. There are jillions of books on Wicca, how to, etc, etc. But, nary a pronouncing dictionary. Why is this? I find this very curious. How can one explore Wicca if so many terms are a mystery as to how they are pronounced. Is there such a book out there that I haven’t yet found? If so, please let me know about it. Thanks much.

Written By Anna
on July 15th, 2010 @ 8:35 am

Hi Sulla–While I’m no expert in Wicca or Paganism, the one sentiment that I’ve heard more often than not is that when it comes to magical words, the power is in your intent, not in how the word is pronounced (sort of a toe-MAY-to/toe-MAH-to type of thing). We do have a number of good encyclopedias (like John Michael Greer’s New Encyclopedia of the Occult and Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi) but they do not include pronunciation guides; I’m thinking that this may be the reason. Hopefully that (at least partially) answers your question!

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