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Take Advantage of Planetary Alignment: The Pomegranate Spell for Sexual Power

This post was written by Anna
on September 22, 2010 | Comments (4)

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jessica Shepherd, author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook.

Sex & Power. Yin & Yang. Pomegranates & Persephone. The presence of one always insists on the other, right?  In astrology, sex and power are esoterically joined in the sign of Scorpio, and just as pomegranates are linked with Persephone, our sexuality is undeniably bound to our choice and to our personal power. By becoming conscious about our sexual power, we realize that it’s sacred; it’s our choice alone to do with what we wish, with.

This spell is about imbuing your sexuality with consciousness and personal choice. And, if needed, reclaiming your sexual power from the sexual hall of shame. Sexual energy is a source of power; in periodically renewing it, we grow in self-authority. Persephone’s story reminds us that by recognizing when we feel powerless or sexually addicted, we have an opportunity to develop a more empowered relationship to our sexuality. In eating the pomegranate seed Persephone made a conscious decision to be with her lover, Hades, as a self-aware and equally empowered Queen. So can we.

Why Use This Spell:

  • You’re tired of meaningless, casual sex.
  • A sexual attraction is all-consuming and feels dis-empowering to you.
  • Your sexual connection to someone has an addictive quality; it’s as though there are invisible bonds keeping you from moving on when you know you should.
  • You want to renew your sexual shimmer.

What You Need: a pomegranate.

When to Do It: Now. Venus (through 1/6/11) and Mars (through 10/27) are in Scorpio.

The Descent: Ask Persephone to be your guide, close your eyes, allow her to guide you down, down, down… into the wisdom and personal power of your sexual center. If you have a consuming sexual issue, personal power concern or trauma, you’ll feel it here. Wait silently for an insight or just sit with your concern. Noticing what you feel is enough.

Crack the pomegranate, the only fruit with sexual seeds, open, letting the juicy blood stain your fingers. Red symbolizes the blood which connects your heart to your emotions to your life force. Take each seed into your sex center, feeding your sexual authority with each seed you eat. One by one, imagine each seed as a kernel of sexual wisdom already concealed inside you.

The Spell: Now affirm your desire for a healthy empowered sexual relationship, proclaiming (or your own variation):

With each seed, I reclaim and renew my sexual & personal power.  I am now sexually emancipated from powerless passions, loveless liaisons, and dead end affairs!

To close the spell, retrace the path of the pomegranate from your groin all the way up to the crown of your head (your crown chakra) sending your sexual shimmer upward, connecting your sex to your higher self. Your sexuality is now in sacred contract with the Divine.

Open your eyes. Your fingers and lips are probably stained with the pomegranate juice. Consider yourself sexually juicy!

The next time you get sexually intimate with a partner, the body memory of doing this spell will remind you that your sexuality is a precious choice—one binding you to the sacred in life.

Our thanks to Jessica Shepherd for her guest blog post! Want more love spells and magical secrets? Read Jessica’s book A Love Alchemist’s Notebook. Jessica Shepherd is an astrologer and author.

Reader Comments

Written By Edward
on May 15th, 2011 @ 12:27 am

I think blogs like these should be upgraded more with some additional info, because they are highly traffic ones, Plus i like the way it is designed.

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