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Alien Encounters

This post was written by Anna
on December 21, 2010 | Comments (2)

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Philip Imbrogno, author of Files From the Edge, Interdimensional Universe, and the new Ultraterrestrial Contact, and co-author of Night Siege and the forthcoming Vengeful Djinn.

During a time period from 1983-1989, thousands of people in the Hudson Valley of New York state reported they had an encounter with a UFO. The mysterious object was reported to be the size of two football fields, triangular in shape, and covered with brilliant lights of various colors. The sight of the object was so dramatic that it stopped traffic on all the major highways; people from all walks of life got out of their cars and looked up to see something they knew was not from this world.

At times the UFO would stop and hover, projecting a brilliant beam of white light that engulfed people, whether standing on the ground or in their cars, as well as entire houses. Later, I discovered that a high percentage of these people who were scanned by the UFO later claimed to have made contact with an alien intelligence. Some say the contact took place on a psychic scale, while others claim they (and sometimes their entire family) were visited by some unknown alien intelligence at night and abducted.

As a result of the massive number of UFO sightings in that area, the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Mr. Bob Pratt, and I put together a book entitled Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO sightings. During the writing of this book, Dr. Hynek wanted to keep out of the book all the cases of “High Strangeness,” which were the abduction and contact experiences being reported at the time.

Dr. Hynek felt that a UFO close encounter was hard enough to believe, so he wanted to keep the material in the book as believable and scientifically respectable as possible. I voiced my opinion to Dr. Hynek, telling him that the abduction cases that involve this series of sightings are part of the UFO experience and should be documented as such in Night Siege. His response was,

“We can’t release this type of information; the media would have a field day with it. The news reports would include sarcastic humor and make light of a serious situation. If well-qualified witnesses thought they were going to be made fun of, they won’t come forward with their sighting account.”

Dr. Hynek passed away before Night Siege was published, and out of respect for him the many stories of alien abduction and extraterrestrial contact were kept out of the book.

In the years to follow the number of cases of abductions and contact continued to come to my attention. After a long, in-depth study of the reports, it is clear to me that there is something else going on—something more bizarre than alien abductions. My research has proven to me that the contact experience that many of these people had may be ultraterrestrial and not extraterrestrial in origin. A detailed study of these cases are now presented in my new book, Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator’s Exploration into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic.

Our thanks to Philip Imbrogno for his guest post! For more from Philip, visit his author page for a full list of his articles and books.

Reader Comments

Written By Bob young
on January 19th, 2011 @ 8:22 pm

I will order this book it sounds great I myself have thought for some time I would say about 10 years now that what is going on is of the SPIRT WORLD and not ALIEN because of nature of many of the events and the fact that we have more about the spirt world. we do not have anything we can hold in our hand about aliens and spaceships and taken to different places. In different times and places people thought there were different planes of the mind so as far as the lights in the sky are just that lights and shapes but most people say no sounds thatis odd and if there is a spirt world we cannot forget about POSSESSION that would say alot to that person who says I WAS ABDUCTED.

Written By Laurie Alex
on April 26th, 2011 @ 4:26 pm

I think they are a bit of both world. So many similarities.I have experienced the paranormal since a fairly young age. I have also seen UFO’s. They are both inter dimensioal experiences.They both are as ancient as our history, and I am convinced of both.

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