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Tarot and Crystals

This post was written by Barbara Moore
on June 21, 2011 | Comments (2)

The other day I was reading for a client who was not only interested in a reading but also is learning tarot for herself. At the end of our reading, she said that she noticed that I had some crystals on the table and that she loved crystals. She wondered about good choices to carry with her tarot cards.

On my reading table I have a very large rose quartz, which is a great crystal for general love and well being, which I think is a good foundation for any reading space.

I also have a citrine (for luck, since I read professionally and like to have plenty of clients), sodalite (promotes peace and harmony and unites logic with intuition while opening spiritual perception), and lepidolite (opens throat chakra and third eye, very important energy centers for tarot readers, right?).

When I am done reading for the day, my crystals are all gathered up and put in my bag with my tarot cards.

When I read at psychic fairs, I bring my Tiger’s Eye with me. It helps keep me grounded and able to read for 6 hours straight, if need be.

On my table, I also have another stone that a student gave to me. I forgot what type it is, but she said it facilitates connections between people. I have a sphere of fancy jasper, just because I think it is beautiful. Also, two small sculptures of birds, as symbols of messages from the divine.

I heard someone laughingly call these sorts of things “tokens of power.” I love my tokens of power, but I do realize they are not necessary to being a good reader. They are, in many ways, symbolic of what I value. Although, I honestly do believe that the crystals do bring specific energy to the space. If you have “tokens of power,” what are they? What do you like about them? What do they symbolize? How do you care for them?

I don’t think that anyone needs to spend a lot of money or get obscure stones or crystals. I suggested that my client consider a quartz or rose quartz to encourage loving, supportive energy. If she wanted to absorb negative energy (or as I call it, inappropriate energy), then I suggest obsidian. I have a black smokey crystal that a friend brought me from his journey to Belarus that I use for this purpose.

She then asked me how to charge or cleanse the crystals. I like to charge mine by setting them out during a full moon. I always pay attention to what sign the moon is in. For me, I prefer to charge while the moon is in an earth sign, simply because that is where I am most at home energetically. I cleanse them by either: putting them in salt or in dirt overnight or by running them under running water. I do not do this on a regular basis, only as needed.

Reader Comments

Written By Dixie Vogel
on June 21st, 2011 @ 10:55 am

I love my crystals! I like to play with a quartz crystal ball during readings to amp up reception, rose quartz for loving energy and Lemurian Seed crystals or Moldavite to help me connect to higher realms.

The clear quartz is the one I’m most attached to for doing readings, though. While I certainly can read without it, I prefer not to.

And thanks for the tip about Tiger’s Eye! I read at my first fair earlier this year and it wiped me out. I will try this. 🙂

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