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Amy is the acquisitions editor in charge paranormal subjects at Llewellyn. With ten years experience in the publishing world, Amy is excited to have her love for ghost stories and the unexplained coincide with her new day job! She enjoys bicycling, running, reading, cooking, and quenches her Anglophile fix by watching British tv shows.

Definition of a Leprechaun

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share the exact definition of a leprechaun according to the Field Guide to the Little People by Nancy Arrowsmith. The leprechaun is the Faeries’ shoemaker and goes by various names, depending on what part of Ireland you are in, and they only reside in Ireland. […]

Let Your Intuition Guide You

Some call it a gut feeling. Some call it their inner voice. Intuition is hard to define because you can’t pinpoint its origin to a truly definable resource. No matter where you believe the guiding force that is intuition comes from, it is a definite force that can help guide you down the winding road […]

Who is Your Favorite Ghost?

I just finished reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, which made me stop and realize that ghosts are everywhere in the media. Movies, books, television, music. They all have wonderful examples of ghosts, whether real or fictional. On a fictional basis, who are your favorite movie/tv/book ghosts? My choices are: Movie: The Ghost and […]

Buying a House? Get a Ghost Inspection First!

I just signed a lease for a new apartment and as I was walking around my new digs I thought, “I wonder if any ghosts live here?” I didn’t sense anything when I was first shown the apartment, and being alone in the space, I couldn’t sense anything that afternoon. But it made me think. What […]

Another Mystery Cloud or UFO?

A strange cloud formation was spotted over the skies in Mexico on February 11. The cloud may look familiar because a very similar cloud was spotted over Moscow, Russia, this past October. Explanations for both range from an object, such as a meteor, falling through the clouds to create such a cloud, aircraft exhaust, and […]

Ghost Captured in Photo at Brit Castle

A businessman who was inspecting a run-down castle in England for a possible purchase captured more than just images while taking photos. One photo reveals a young woman looking out the window. You may think that it was just someone standing near the window, but there is currently no floor beside that window, which would […]


A couple weeks ago there was a trend on Facebook that prompted users to change their profile photos to their celebrity doppleganger. (Mine was Amy Adams as Julie Powell in Julie and Julia.) Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of dopplegangers. We’ve always heard about “evil twins,” often as a plot device in movies/tv shows/books. […]

Psychic Animals

I have always thought that animals are extra sensitive and perceptive. We’ve all heard stories about animals freaking out in haunted houses. This story about a cat living in a nursing home and spending time with patients before they die is a fascinating example of  how in tune animals are to our emotions and spirits. […]

Adam Selzer on Coast to Coast AM

Adam Selzer, author of Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps, was featured on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory last night. To listen to the broadcast, click here. Adam’s portion of the broadcast involves ghostbusting, so tune in to hear Adam’s thoughts and suggestions.

ET in your backyard?

A group of scientists are gathering together to mark the 50th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and a main point of the discussion is searching for aliens here on Earth. I guess the movie Men in Black may not be too far removed from reality as we may think!