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Full Moon in Libra, March 27, 2013

The Full Moon in Libra occurred yesterday morning at 5:27 am Eastern (9:27 am GMT) at 6 degrees. Full Moons represent the culmination of those things that were begun with the New Moon (in this case the March 11 New Moon in Pisces), which found us evaluating our privacy, intuition, and emotions. The Libra Full […]

Sun Enters Aries 2013: Forecast for the Year Ahead

Aries, The Ram March 20 to April 19 Modality: Cardinal Element: Fire Ruler: Mars Keywords: Initiative, action, adventurous, enthusiastic, dynamic, impatient As an Aries you are a born leader, eager to take the initiative and be a leader. Be careful, though, as you tend to be impatient; this trait can get the better of you […]

International Astrology Day is Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tomorrow is International Astrology Day! Considered by many to be the start of the astrological new year, International Astrology Day is celebrated each year on the Spring Equinox (the day the Sun enters Aries). There are various observances around the world, including lectures and other events. Anyone have any plans to celebrate this observance?

New Moon in Pisces, March 11, 2013

The New Moon in Pisces occurs today, March 11 at 3:51 pm EST (7:51 pm GMT), at 21 degrees. New moons signify a new cycle, new beginnings, and rebirth. This New Moon, along with the Sun (also in Pisces) will highlight the watery Piscean qualities of creativity, sensitivity, and intuition, as well as twelfth house […]

Meditation vs. Meditating — Jesus vs. Astrology

Back on January 3, I posted that I have two preliminary goals for the new year. The first goal was to finish the manuscript for my next book and submit it to Llewellyn for consideration at PantheaCon. I am glad to say that indeed, I accomplished that goal. For a variety of reasons it takes […]

The Importance of Keeping Records

Although many scientists are loathe to admit it, the basics of what is known as “the scientific method”—essentially the ability to reproduce experimental results under identical conditions—were based on the practices of magicians and medieval alchemists. Sir Isaac Newton, who codified modern physics, wrote more on alchemy and religion than he did on physics. Most […]

Full Moon in Virgo, February 25, 2013

The Full Moon in Virgo occurred yesterday, Monday, February 25 at 3:26 pm Eastern (8:26 pm GMT) at 7 degrees. Full Moons represent the culmination of those things that were begun with the New Moon (in this case the February 10 New Moon in Aquarius), which found us evaluating our friendships, intellect, and global contributions. […]

Mercury Retrograde, February 23, 2013 – March 17, 2013

Run for cover! (Really, just kidding.) Mercury will turn retrograde tomorrow, February 23 in Pisces; it will station direct on March 17. Since Mercury is so slow-moving, the effects of this retrograde period could potentially be felt for a few weeks afterward (until the end of March). I’ve stated many times before that Mercury retrograde […]

Sun Enters Pisces 2013: Forecast for the Year Ahead

Pisces, The Fish February 19 to March 20 Modality: Mutable Element: Water Ruler: Neptune Keywords: Creative, romantic, sensitive, self-indulgent, lazy, intuitive, dreamy, artistic, sympathetic As a Pisces you are flexible and adapting to just about any situation (though this can be both a positive and a negative). Sensitive and compassionate, you take pains to ensure […]

Saturn Retrograde, February 18 – July 7

Saturn begins its retrograde motion in Scorpio on Monday, February 18, continuing “backwards” until July 7. Just like any other retrograde planet (including that trickster Mercury—which will also turn retrograde on February 23, stationing direct on March 17), periods of retrograde are periods of “re:” renewing, reflecting, restarting, etc. Instead of being viewed negatively, these […]